Side-by-Side Refrigerator by Electrolux
Side-by-Side Refrigerator by Electrolux

Electrolux launches 90cm Side-by-Side Refrigerator comes with Digital Display Temperature Control, Ice Water Dispenser and Home Bar.

A refrigerator like the Electrolux ESE5688SA has a fast freeze function which lowers the temperature of the freezer even further. This ensures food is frozen as quickly as possible. Do turn the fast freeze on about three hours before the vegetables are to be stored. For optimal freezing, don’t try to freeze more than 10% of the freezer’s capacity at a time. When the food is frozen, feel free to turnthe freezer’s temperature back up to normal.

Electrolux refrigerators have active Deo Fresh - a system of Triple Deodorisers that attract and absorb stray odours, and Odour Control Bins to help prevent strong smells from one food mixing with the taste of any other.

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