Usha Brita Water Purifiers
Usha Brita Water Purifiers


Usha Brita, a brand in the Water Purifier category, has crafted a new host of water purifiers to fight back the germ and other impurities this season.  The new range of water purifiers includes- Waterguard Aviva, Waterguard Splash and Waterguard Crystal. The water purifiers are specially designed with latest technology to give chemical and bacteria free healthy water. 


“The tap water in India is often hazardous with various contaminants which cause harmful diseases. We at Usha-Brita prepare water purifiers using best water purification technologies in the world to address a cross section of varied impurity & hardness challenges across the country. The systems also effectively answer the typical Indian lifestyles and water consumption patterns.” Says Sunil Saxena, Sales Head, Usha Brita. 

  •  It offers an Auto Spill Proof Purification with three stage purification process, achieving chemical free and bacteria free water, thus improving its taste.                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • It works without electricity and without running water supply and plumbing.
  • It is priced at Rs 1845. The other two labels viz Waterguard Aviva and Waterguard Splash are priced at Rs 15,999 each.
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