5 ways to expand tea cafe business in India
5 ways to expand tea cafe business in India

In India, the day starts with the 'slurrp' of tea and reading newspapers. From workers stopping at the tea joints on the road, to tea being served to the guests coming home, there's no denying that Indians love tea.

With this constant love for the beverage and increasing interest in exploring tea as a business idea, many tea cafes are being opened. A global culture, ecstatic consumer growth, fast urbanization, workplace culture, and rising demand from young people have contributed to Tea sector growth. So, if you're an expert in tea or coffee, you can connect with freaks who love both.

Here are some great marketing tips to help you reach the biggest audience:

Great logo and branding: If you're planning to create a logo or brand for your tea cafe business, you should first research your competitors. Keeping an eye on your competition is a must. Ultimately, your goal is to stand out from the competition while also noticing what they're doing right and where you can improve. After doing your research, you can start focusing on branding. Choosing an image for your tea cafe will keep you recognizable and make your tea stand out. Don't forget to get your tea into the hands of the people you're targeting. Considering all this, you can make your logo appealing to your target market.

Get tea lovers involved: You can also reach out to tea enthusiasts to expand your tea cafe business. Not only will these people become loyal customers, but they'll also bring you new ones.  With blogs, social media, and tea forums, reaching your target audience is easier than ever.

Create a loyalty-rewards program: Sometimes, small businesses aren't willing to invest because they think it'll be expensive. A study by Manta and BIA/Kelsey found that 64% of small businesses with loyalty programs make more money than they spend. The more repeat customers you have, the more profits you make. Therefore, if you want to stand out from the competition, your tea must taste good and be unforgettable, and you must also look for other distinctive features. According to the same study, repeat customers spend 67 % more than first-timers. Customer loyalty incentives are always beneficial, no matter how you slice them.

Exotic & Exclusive Teas: It's best to differentiate yourself from the competition by creating unique teas. If you enjoy tea, you know a wide variety, such as green, white, black, oolong, rooibos, mate, pu-erh, and many others. There are also many options outside of what's typically available in grocery stores regarding tea. Making sure you do your research is key. You can also find many other varieties at specialty tea shops or online if you look for them in your local market. It is also a good idea to offer some limited editions and exotic teas as part of your tea cafe business growth strategy.

Social media is key: Many people make their living by photographing food around the world. Business owners in the industry have reaped the rewards. Gaining more customers requires social media. Make sure your Instagram is strong, and you're presenting your teas professionally. You can hire a photographer to take some pictures. However, you'll get more business if you encourage customers to check in and use hashtags.

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