7 Reasons Why Cloud Kitchen
7 Reasons Why Cloud Kitchen

World is getting techsavvy so why don’t  your food!

Virtual kitchen, ghost kitchen, the dark kitchen is all the synonym of cloud kitchen. Restaurants are turning online, the facility of ordering and delivering food through food aggregator apps or through the restaurant’s own app.

Concept of Cloud Kitchen

“Technology is best when it brings people together.”

It creates a rainbow when it brings food to people similar rainbow is created by a cloud kitchen.The idea of a cloud kitchen emerges with the arms spread of technology in our modern life of the techy world. Travis Kalanick invented the cloud kitchen. It allows customers as well as restaurateurs to fulfill their wishes by swiping a single key. Customers can place their orders over the internet through their choice of the portal and the food is instantly prepared and gets delivered at their place at your customized or comfortable time.

Time is unstoppable but cloud kitchen is a massive help to walk with time, in time, and beforetime. In the busy world, we want everything at our pace and time. The cloud-based technology system gives us a sigh relief by fulfilling our wish like genie. It is simply one stop to pamper your hunger with scrumptious delicacies in no time.

7 Reasons Why Cloud Kitchen?

It reduces expenses and need not spend on establishments; it can work efficiently in minimal infrastructure with low starts-up costs. It prevents petrol-high rental payment hassles. From age-old restaurants to naïve restaurateurs are welcoming cloud kitchen with smiles to add techy stars with their quality and services.

1.     Towering OPs- It inflates the Operating Profits (OPs), by opening the doors which minimize the set-up worries, unlike traditional restaurants. Plus, it opens the window of extra profit by saving overhead costs such as administrative costs and maintenance utilities. 

2.     Savings in Capital Expenditure- It reduces the fever of rental issues and the only thing about which the one should concern is that your modest, hygienic kitchen is established near to consumers. 

3.     Less time consuming- Through this tech advancement, customer demand can be handled easily and restaurateurs have more diversification, options, manners, services to pamper their customers.

4.     Quality Service- It helps in maintaining quality with quantity. It not only helps in making customers happy but also satisfied. 

5.     Dive in choices- It helps in analyzing the preference, taste and pulse of customers to innovate and improve services.

6.     Just a swipe away- It took as much time as we took in blinking eyes, super easy to explore, experiment, and customized menu online according to your tongue. 

7.     Standardized Delivery Procedure- The standardized delivery procedure makes it more trustworthy and convenient.


Predictions – Cloud Kitchen soon at zenith

Cloud Kitchen is not only trendy but also the convenient and time saving.

1.     On decrease in setup costs, cloud kitchen will evolve faster and better.

2.     Full kitchens in some arena will become a thing of past.

3.     The focus of restaurateurs is going to face positive shift in terms of efficiency and experience.

4.     Cloud kitchen franchises will be a cupcake treat to start up.

Cloud Kitchen: Business Model

1.     Classic Model- This model focuses on consumers comfort at low cost. No tangible dining space or seating establishments.

2.     Kitchen Umbrella Model- This model contains multiple brands under one mother kitchen umbrella. Consumers will have multiple cuisine at one stop.

3.     All in One Model- As the name suggest it is a mix of both the afore- mentioned models. It includes multiple brands under one roof and customers will have numerous cuisine choices.

4.     Garnish Model- This model consist of restaurants can rent the space and rest of the thing will be done by online delivery platform. This model ensures quality food.


Cloud Kitchen does have lesser hassles and provides quality, quantity and customized scheme to customers as per their tongue and pockets.

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