70 per cent of our chefs are home chef- Bite Club
70 per cent of our chefs are home chef- Bite Club

Bite Club was brought into existence in 2014 by three young engineers Prateek Agarwal, Aushim Krishan, merely a year after graduating from IIT along with Siddharth Sharma from NTU (Singapore). Bite Club was galvanized to fix the dilemma of access to delectable and appetizing food made with fresh produce. With an intention of solving the million dollar question of ‘What’s for lunch or dinner today’, Bite Club has conceptualized a platform by compiling a community of 100+ chefs spanning home chefs, recipe bloggers, ex- restaurateurs, professional chefs and many more. How the idea of starting Biteclub initiated?

The idea was born in sometime in April and formed towards July. The food was a big problem for all of us. When we are in Mumbai, we had a cook who used to visit us and cook food for us; we get bored of the food. And then we start buying food from outsides like restaurants which proved to be very expensive to us for regular eating.  At home we don’t have to think about anything, quantity and quality is so good. And that’s how this thought was born.

What is the procedure of getting the chef on board with you?

We have our website where the chefs can come and partner with us. We have our own priority, cuisine, production capacity and availability. We share all this to chef and also have a brief session with our internal food team to see on this and give feedback to them.

What is the revenue sharing model between you two?

It is very confidential to our business.

Tell us about the business model?

We work on a daily changing menu. We have both Home chef and professional Chef on board. Customers can download the app and check the menu of the day. We have Schedule and ultimate ordering; they can do up to three days in advance.

Have you also tied up with housewife?

70 per cent of our chefs are home chef.

Are all your chefs are from Gurgaon only or any other cities also?

Currently we are in Gurgaon and later in south Delhi.

What is the percentage of orders you receive from apps and online?

70 per cent of the orders come from app and rest 30 per cent from online. We get over 800 meals order in a day, both lunch and dinner (combine).

According to you, what is the peak time for ordering of food?

We deliver only on peak time. 12-4 PM lunch and 7-10 dinner.

What is your expansion plan?

We are planning to enter in other categories like homemade foods as they are the best high shelf items. Geographical expansion will be Delhi-NCR and then head towards metro cities and later every city of India.

You have also raised funding recently. Where can we see those investments going?

The funding will be used in hiring great talent, building great technology and driving smooth operation.

Who are your target competitors in the business?

We see local and small restaurant chains as our competitors.

What is the major logistics challenge faced by the start-ups like you?

Infrastructure in India is broken, demand and supply are not equal, roads are weak and getting workforce for delivery in a competitive market like India is the major challenge.

What is the no of order you are targeting say in next two months?

1200-1500 orders by August-September

Are you planning for second round of funding?

Yes we are in talk with the investors for Series A investment.  You will get to know when it happens.

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