Ahmedabad Ponchies to focus on Gujarat before expanding
Ahmedabad Ponchies to focus on Gujarat before expanding

Ponchies wanted to create a special place where one can satiate his/her taste buds, without accompanying overload of worry, guilt, etc. Where food lovers could discover and celebrate gastronomic delights, made with the finest ingredients,blended with glorious tradition and some novelty and last but not least, a good deal of tender loving care of the chefs

What passion brought you into restaurant business?

Good food has always been my passion. Further, association with food industry for almost two decades has added to my overall exposure and understanding about the dynamics of good food. And, I have extensively travelled across the country and discovered food served in lanes and by lanes in all aspects and then in March 2014, I decided to make an attempt in offering specialist food in selected cuisine. The fund was managed through our own savings.

What are the different types of cuisines served at your restaurant?

Currently, we are serving Awadhi, East Indian (Rolls) only. 

What are the things you take care at kitchen for cooking?

We use Rice Bran oil in all preparation, best Basmati rice across globe for Biryani, pure ghee for all sweet preparation, unpolished pulses and home grinded spices. The designing was done keeping in mind our tag line “Eat without Guilt”.

Who are your target customers? Do you see any threat from any of the brand?

Our target customers are across different age group; however it is for people who genuinely weigh hygiene and taste at par. Ours is a clear positioning of a specialist.

Our competition is from organised sector serving similar offering with same quality consciousness and with multiple footprint. 

What is your marketing approach for the festivals like New Year which is coming?

We are planning a tactical offering on select key items.

According to you, what are the latest trends in F&B industry?

The latest trends are uniqueness, innovation, value creation.

What is your expansion plan?

Our expansion plan is  focused around Gujarat followed by Maharashtra.

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