Bar Equipment Design Trends for 2019: Slushies, Tipples on Tap
Bar Equipment Design Trends for 2019: Slushies, Tipples on Tap

In 2018, the bar and cocktail industry evolved radically that took the bar design concept to a whole new level.

The founder of Speedx, Anirudh Singal talks about the trend and styles of bar equipment design that will rule in 2019.

Tipples on Tap

We've all had draught beer on tap, but one thing which is going to be very prominent in 2019 is cocktails/sangrias/wines on tap. This trend is sure to catch up big time this year as it allows the bars to have standard beverages on offer with no deviation in consistency. And also there is an ease of service as one has to simply pour out a cocktail from the tap into the glass, garnish and it’s ready for consumption!


Slushie machines have made a comeback in a grand way, despite the space requirements. As these beverages consist of water and sugar, they can offer an attractive potential margin to bar operators. Many bars are now opting for them to serve quick icy and boozy treats.

Garnish Centres at Bars

Another big change in the bar design is the investment in garnish containers on the bar top. Bartenders have reinvented how garnishes are displayed and presented to guests to convey the sense of a fresh bar. Not only do they provide a better view but also help organise the workflow.

Instant Glass Chillers

A new innovation for glass chilling is a CO2 glass cooler that uses gas from a tank. This is a more efficient method that doesn’t take up as much space as a cooler. Additionally, it’s great theatrics from the guests’ perspective, and the glass gets frosted within a few seconds.

Technology's Role in Bar Equipment

Tech is slated to play a bigger role in bar equipment. One such major tech innovation would allow the operator and the vendor to monitor refrigeration temperatures via an app. The app would make it possible for the operators to know exactly when the fridge temperature drops below the desired levels or when it increases. This would make the operations more efficient and the overall result would be visible as the consistent cold beverages will be served to the consumers.

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The Return of the Blender

While bar equipment keeps evolving, some items continue to withstand the tests of time. For example, there was a time where blenders lost their popularity but are now re-entering the bar scenario. Bars are incorporating platforms to accommodate blenders or drink mixers for crushed-ice drinks.

Wine Trends

With wine sales on the uptick, combined with the growing supply of affordable, eclectic and delicious varietals, there is a greater need for temperature control. The installation of wine drawers behind the bar would keep both red and white wines at a proper temperature. This will get a major impetus in the coming year.

Bar Designs - Interior Design Perspective

Bar Design Perspective

Multi-use and eco-friendly bars are sustainable and leave little or no footprint. This implies installing recycled furniture and mobile setups so that the bar can move to an alternate location at any given point without disrupting too much of the environment.

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Interior Design Perspective

Retro is big but will be bigger in 2019. More like the 19th-century designs hopping onto the 20th century. With the 70's look and feel, light pastel colour tones with more stone, glass and marble will definitely trend in 2019.

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