Brewing Success: Why 2023 Will be an Year for Speciality Coffee
Brewing Success: Why 2023 Will be an Year for Speciality Coffee

People, at large, were only getting familiar with specialty coffee when the pandemic hit us. The cafes remained closed and patrons were cut off from their daily supply of delicious coffee. Then they went back home and made instant coffee. Of course, there is a huge difference between specialty coffee and instant coffee. And the truth of the matter is, if you’ve drank specialty coffee, there is no going back to instant coffee.

There was an insatiable craving for great-tasting coffee, especially among working professionals. And instant coffee just wasn’t what they were looking for. The cafes were not servicing either. This led them to brew specialty coffee at home. For the first time in the history of Indian coffee, people started buying expensive Indian specialty coffee and took an active interest in home-brewing. The number of home-brewers have been on the rise ever since.

When the cafes opened, patrons came back with more knowledge about specialty coffee. The ones that didn’t know were keen to join the bandwagon. There was genuine interest and curiosity. People were in the mood to explore and taste - different brewing methods and various estates.

There was also an increasing amount of coffee being sold in-stores for home consumption. Even with the world going back to normal, the numbers have been on the rise. Thus, pointing at a very positive year for Indian specialty coffee.

Indian specialty coffee brands are run by young entrepreneurs who started and still have a fresh perspective towards Indian coffee. Indian coffee is one of world’s best shade-grown coffees with complex flavour profiles. There is a demand for Indian coffee worldwide. The potential is sky-high. Over the past few years, Indian specialty coffee brands have been able to establish a sustainable system where farmers are paid fair if not premium prices for their crops. This has motivated farmers to take better care and produce consistent quality coffee.

In 2023, the numbers will grow better than before in all sectors : the home-brewing community will get stronger by number, the amount of specialty coffee drank in cafes and in homes will increase, specialty coffee cafes will open in more cities and towns, availability and accessibility to special coffee will also be better than before.

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