Bringing Paris to your doorstep
Bringing Paris to your doorstep

Creativity in 'Cravity'

The first part of the name came up from the word cravings; it’s an emotion that best goes with foods. Craving is something everyone has for all types of food and especially for desserts, and I wanted my brand to be synonymous with the word food in every possible way. The second part came up from the word cavity. Cavity meaning the hollow space we all have for desserts after a meal. Derived from common Indian expression I picked up from my family, “meethe mai kya hai.”

Feeding on the Idea

The brainstorming period for the idea lasted one year but then it just popped up one day. With so many festivals and celebrations in the country, and desserts being synonymous with all the festivities and birthdays of the huge population, again needing the sweets, I thought I would come up with a dessert company and give the best desserts to the country. The idea was to identify the need for desserts in the country and bridge the gap between supply and demand.

Find your global cuisine here

We serve global cuisine at the cafe, including burgers, pizzas and pasta. The best thing on menu is the lamb burger. We bake fresh breads. Desserts remain our main forte. We are pretty much everything, bakery, confectionery and a dining restaurant. For veg we have a special all vegetarian pizza which has gained a lot of recognition. We have a bunch of things people have shown a lot of appreciation for. Green curry is also something that has become a star seller these days.

It’s all about comfort

We have established Cravity like a small and cosy cafe in Paris. Playing that pleasant music, with that graceful lighting, finicky furniture, a display cabinet for desserts, and the fine-finished cutlery, we have everything to rely on. It’s all very formal yet comforting. It’s a place where someone can easily walk in and feel homely. Once someone enters the cafe, the environment and surroundings will make him feel like they’re out of India. It is not inspired but all of it was our imagination. My partner, Chef Sahil Mehta, he practically grew up in Paris who gave the cafe the English touch. We offer people a place to just walk in and eat something and not worry about it being a high-end cafe but still receiving a 5 start treatment.

Keeping the competition low

We firstly follow the penetration pricing method. We are presently trying to enter the market and thus keeping it in competition with other such places around. The quality of products we offer makes it a bit premium priced. But it’s a mix of affordable products to premium quality products. Price ranges from 125rs to 375rs. We do special programs on weekends, which include English breakfast options. Apart from that my marketing strategies include social media, print media.

Customer is the king

We are serving approx 40 people a day. The customers increase on weekends. Thursday is one of the days the rush is really high.

It is more than just food

People primarily come for desserts but end up getting attracted towards our other menu offerings. I have noticed people have generally started moving from sandwiches to pizzas and curries. People do not order appetizers and skip to main course.

The future seems promising

We have just started with Cravity’s offline operations and are soon going to start with its online operations as well. We are then going to observe our performance for few months and decide on taking a call if are going to do online expansion or offline expansion first. But the vigil is to open at least 25 stores within the next 5-7 years in India. 

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