Business meetings at cafes lead to more people getting to know of the place
Business meetings at cafes lead to more people getting to know of the place

How is the business cafe different from normal cafes?

There is no such big difference in a business and a normal cafe, apart from may be the timings and its projection. A business cafe or a dedicated work place in a cafe is much quieter than a normal cafe; customers are allowed to sit for longer hours with a smaller orders also. (this makes them your loyal customers).

What are extra advantages that you are giving to your customers?

In our cafes there are charging points for laptops and mobiles for the guests' and as it is based on convenience, we offer a smaller menu as compared to a normal cafe.

Who is the target customer?

The target customer is anyone who has the liberty to work by himself and doesn't need a cubicle for himself, someone who deals in services and hence needs a place for his/her meetings and also it could be anyone, who seeks a more lively environment than his/her office. This customer would be someone who will spend on a coffee and may be on some fast food with it and a coffee again, or may be just 4 coffees in a row. 

What are unique services provided at these cafes?

The unique service would be full facility to charge mobiles & laptops, a printer and a pc would be a great idea, a high speed wifi connection and most importantly quick service by the waiters and restaurant staff

What is the revenue generated out of this concept?

The best part of this kind of a business is that, one builds a permanent clientèle which results in more business as they refer the place to a lot more people. Business meetings at the cafe leads to more people getting to know of the place and so there is less expenditure on the marketing as well.


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