Eat Bud Foods looking for franchisee partner to expand Zamozza- Vidur Kanodia
Eat Bud Foods looking for franchisee partner to expand Zamozza- Vidur Kanodia

Tell us something about your brand Eat Bud Foods? What are the brands that you are running under it?

Eat Bud Foods is a private limited company and has many brands under it. One of the recent we have launched is ZAMOZZA world kitchen and bar. ZAMOZZA is a world cuisine which is a mix of Italian, Thai, Mexican and Turkish food and is located in Jan path, Connaught palace, New Delhi.

What are the factors do you feel will drive a perspective diner to your place?

We offer a mix of great ambience, good service and tasty value for money food. The place is designed in such a way that every person would love to visit it again. Moreover it is centrally located.

From where did you source the products for the store and the kitchen?  Who is your major supply chain provider?

Most of the ingredients are purchased locally through food suppliers from INA, Modern Bazaar or any other stores where we can get the best quality products. We also get supplies from Chenab Impex, Mumbai and other big suppliers for Mexican and imported products.

How is your brand ZAMOZZA different from others in the same segment? What are the things that you have kept in mind while designing your restaurant? Who are the designer and what is the average cost involved?

Every restaurant lack in something or the other but at ZAMOZZA a person can get all the reasons for which he /she walks out of the home for food. We offer five different cuisines and each has distinguish chef involved so that the authenticity of each cuisine is maintained. While designing the restaurant the most important point we have kept in mind is to make plenty of natural light enter our space. In night we convert it into a lounge with blue light area which gives a very soothing experience. We focussed on giving comfortable and spacious seating so in 2500 sq feet big area we have only given 80 seated restaurant. So it’s all together comfortable, with lot of natural light, spacious, casual yet fine and high classy. The restaurant was designed by my wife Sakshi Kanodia.  

What are your unique marketing and branding strategies? What is your view on social advertising?

We see social media as the best platform for marketing and stating our brand awareness. Marketing activities directly impact the sales. So we remain very cautious while selecting the offers, combos and any other platform.

What is the average footfall at ZAMOZZA? Who are the regular visitors- the young crowd or a mix of all the age?

Being new to the market we presently get around 100 people on week days and around 200 plus on weekends. We are a restaurant so we get families mainly but on Saturdays or weekends we get lots of youngsters also. So it is all together a mix crowd.

What is your expansion plan and which are the cities that is in your radar?

We are looking to expand our brand in other cities of India also. We have finalized the location in Mumbai and soon the initial work will get started there.

Can you share something on investment? Are you looking to raise funds?

We are looking to enter into franchise model for our brand and are looking for the right partners.  If the funding opportunity comes, why not!

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