From Dahi to 'Yogurt'
From Dahi to 'Yogurt'

There is a paradigm shift in the consumer’s palate from ice-cream to a healthier frozen yogurt which is low on calories and available in variety of flavours, textures, fat content, milk sources and sweetness.

Seeing this, many international and national brands have started manufacturing flavoured yogurt in variety of range. And the renewed popularity of frozen yogurt has created a great deal of change and growth in the industry. According to a study conducted by the Tata Strategic Management Group, the size of the Indian health and wellness food market will rise to Rs 550 billion by 2015, from an estimated Rs 101 billion in 2010 - a growth of 35-37 percent where yogurt fits well.

Leading names

International brands like Red Mango, Yogurberry, Danone, Kiwi Kiss have already created brand identity for their products in India which has driven major Indian brands like Britannia, Amul and also Murginns selling probiotic fruit yogurts in different flavours and textures.

The international brands believe that they have succeeded in redefining frozen yogurt in India by bringing the international experience. In this context, Red Mango was the first one in India to offer the very successful concept of “Self Serve “You Swirl It, You Top It, You Weight It”.

Speaking about the strategy, Rahul Kumar, Managing Director, Red Mango India, says, “There was a certain void in the Indian market for certified authentic yogurt player. We wished to bring to India a healthy eating option and with our pro-biotic ‘froyo'- the Red Mango frozen yogurt and smoothies in their preferred flavors.”

Power punch

Unlike other desserts that often contain artificial ingredients or excessive calories, the frozen yogurt is all-natural, non-fat or low fat and certified gluten free with variety of toppings that are available in the market today. It is valuable health food for both infants and elderly persons as it is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and B12.

Moreover, yogurt which was earlier consumed in the form of Dahi, now with its new avatar as ‘yogurt’ has entered into the orgainsed food market. Observing the change, Rajiv Khemka, Managing Director, Murginns, says, “Consumer education coupled with health awareness has driven the shift from unorganised to organised segment for fermented products thereby taking the volumes sky high in the recent past. The major factors which have led to such growth are the rapid urbanisation, growing retail market, the rise in bovine population, marketing campaigns of various manufacturers that have revolutionised the Indian consumption patterns in the FMCG segment.”

Marketing strategies

ATL and radio campaigns on regular basis to educate the consumer on the benefits of frozen yogurt in a fun way by using jingles and music is the strongest strategy to lure in the customers. At the same time, the brands participate in schools to get the kids acquainted with the concept of healthy eating. And also host events of various forms that relate to brand and its positioning.

At the same time these yogurt brands also focus on point of purchase and organise ‘tasting sessions’ by giving a chance to consumers to taste this yogurt as the most powerful strategy. Unlike other segment which focuses on mass media, the frozen yogurt brands believe on promoting through events and such specifically designed tasting sessions.

Location and format

International yogurt chains establishing their identity not only in Delhi-NCR region but also expanding presence in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore and they are preferring kiosk format for their brands. Yogurberry, the South Korean yogurt brand has opened more than 100 outlets across cities in India. At the same time, Kiwi Kiss, the Canadian brand also forayed into the Indian market by targeting major cities like Bangalore and Chennai.. Informing about the footfall Red Mango gets in a week, Kumar, says, “We have an average footfall of 2000 per week at a single store.

With summer season on its way there is nothing better than yogurt to beat the hit with its unique taste. The brands are coming with new options which shows that the yogurt majors will gain customers throughout the year.

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