Key Trends to Watch: What will 2024 bring for Hospitality Industry
Conscious consumerism is driving a shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly travel options.
Food Trends Report: 85 pc of Households Opt for Vegetarian Meals
As India's culinary landscape continues to evolve, this reesearch offers invaluable insights into recent shifts in food preferences across the…
"I Believe that When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going," Shares Eesha Sukhi of Bluebop Cafe
In an interaction with Restaurant India, Eesha Sukhi of Bluebop Cafe talks about recent trends in food industry and expansion plans.
  • By - Nusra
  • / 3 MIN READ
"Local, seasonal food and door to door service will be in high trends"
In an interaction with Restaurant India Chef Palash Ghosh talks about new innovation, food techniques and trends in the future.
  • By - Nusra
  • / 4 MIN READ
Explore Upcoming Events And New Age Agendas
IReC 2024
29-30 Apr - Hotel Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru
IReC 2024
D2C INDIA 2024
29-30 Apr - Hotel Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru
D2C INDIA 2024
Franchise India 2024 Delhi
18-19 May - (IICC) India International Convention and Expo Centre, Delhi, India
Franchise India 2024 Delhi
India EV Show
29-30 June - Hall No. 3, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai
India EV Show
29-30 June - Hall No. 2, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai
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Five mega food trends to watch in 2021
Healthy food is certainly a roadmap towards future wellness and personal growth.
  • By - Nusra
  • / 5 MIN READ
Across the World Food Trends Are Changing, And How!
Chef Peter Tseng and restaurateurs Nikesh Lamba and Japtej Ahluwalia of Soy Soi provide an update of what's cooking
Designer Cake Trends in India in 2019
The new era designer cakes are set to be more in demand because they are more personalized and, hence, more appealing to the consumers.
5 Food & Technology Trends That Will be Big in 2019
More and more restaurants will come up focusing on cuisines from the North East, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh.
  • By - Nusra
  • / 7 MIN READ
Top Food Trends at MAPIC 2018
Over 80 countries came together in Cannes to discuss how retailers and property owners are deploying new services to enhance the customer experience.
How This Restaurant is Blending the Senses Together
In an interaction with Restaurant India, Arjun Sagar Gupta, Founder and Proprietor, The Piano Man talks about introducing the first Jazz bar in India.
How New Trends Drive F&B
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Chef Akmal Anuar, Co-Founder & Chef, 3 Fils Restaurant shares that experience is anything unique…
McDonald's Not Ready To Sort Out With Bakshi
McDonald's India had filed a petition with NCLAT on August 23, challenging NCLT order that had reinstated Bakshi as the MD of Connaught Plaza…
What To Do To Maintain Success?
Maintaining success is not everyone's cup of tea. To maintain the stature and brand in top position a lot of hard work is poured in it.
Ethnic Food Has Become Serious Biz
Traditional Indian food is amongst the best in the world but still hasn't got its full due. There is so much to learn and savour from our…
Is Global Food Trend Pushing Regional Cuisine's Growth
People are coming back to their taste and started liking local and regional taste more than the global cuisines.Trends will come and go but regional cuisine will always stay. It is a staple from which people can never get bored of.
5 Ways To Boost The Restaurant Business
The modern entrepreneur comprehends the vast impact of digital marketing on any business and how it triggers the mindset of their targeted audience.
"Taste is Foremost in F&B"
In a tete-a-tete with Restaurant India, Abhishek Basu, Executive Chef at The Park Hotel shares that understanding customer's requirements is the need of the hour.
"How Restaurants can Maximise Revenue through Audits"
One of the key strategies of audit is how does a restaurant structure the plan and help restaurants to increase foot fall and maximise profit. Audits structure their reports in a way so that restaurants could examine themselves.
"Nostalgia is the Idea behind HopScotch"
In an exclusive interview with Restaurant India, Suved Lohia, Partner at Hopscotch - Bar & Brasserie shares the experience of being nostalgic at HopScotch.
How Social Media can Help Build Business
Every business is doing marketing via social media then why should food business left? One just needs to figure out who the customer is and then hit the bull's eye.
How to Meet Consumer's Aspirations
Drinking out is perhaps the foremost reason for people to walk in to a restaurant. Earlier it was quite easy because people used to go out for food and drink was something incidental but now the situation is vice versa.
How Restaurant Business Grows on Customisation
It's good to have a restaurant in Delhi and Mumbai but at the same time having a restaurant in Coimbatore and Orissa is also pretty nice because at the end of the day you're feeding people.
Why does Restaurant Fail
Operationally, most restaurants make money. If the capital expenses have been very high, then your break-even period could get pushed back a little.
How can Restaurant Focus on Continuous Growth
It is prerequisite to go out, explore and get things on your way because that is how a brand builds. One has to get his hands dirty, if not now. When? If not you. Who?