"Nostalgia is the Idea behind HopScotch"

Suved belongs to a hardcore family business background who loves making people happy. He was doing events since the age of 18 and realised that hospitality industry is his calling. He is a student of life who learns from people.

How do you see hospitality at HopScotch?

At hopscotch it’s about being honest and I actually think that one’s attitude towards patrons should be honest. Hospitality and hopscotch both are all about service after all and by being honest one can create a niche’ in this competitive business. Restaurateurs can’t afford to have a bossy attitude because at the end of the day, customer is the boss in hospitality industry.

How much efforts you have put into it?

I’m thirty five and still putting efforts into it.

What are your expectations from this brand?

My expectations are undoubtedly very high as we have started looking for expansions already. The whole idea behind hopscotch is nostalgia. We are the generation who were introduced to Internet rather than being born to Internet. We have been through that time when going out, playing and enjoying was fun, hopscotch brings that time back. It makes people dwell into nostalgia and my expectations with hopscotch is when people think to eat out for having a quality time without any noise and drama then hopscotch should be the first name to be clicked in their minds.

How do you see your restaurant?

Hopscotch brings the food which we have grown up eating i.e., butter chicken, thai curry, et cetra. Therefore, we have introduced all the time favourite dishes of customers which also fetch back the nostalgia. The service which we are giving is impeccable, we always assure to be there for our customers and we also have the speciality to serve the order in five to seven minutes. We try to please our customers in an ambience where they get good food in couple of minutes, have quality time with their loved ones and can be nostalgic at the same time.

Which is your special dish to bring an instant smile on customer’s face?

We are specialised with ‘tadka chicken’ and ‘butter chicken’ which is in the hot favourite list of people.

How do you see the competition?

Competition is assuredly tough. We are trying to create a niche’ but there are places opening every second day. That is why I keep saying that one needs to be honest with the product and of course one should keep the Indian price sensitive market in mind because. If you are not creating a value for money product with stupendous service experience and alluring ambience then you are over. Earlier it was about reinventing the restaurant yearly but now it’s about reinventing daily to maintain that upper hand in the market.

How changing market segments affect food service sector?

I think if restaurateurs be less pretentious about food and concentrate more on flavours and taste; it’s going to stay then. At the end of the day, Indians want something fruitful and as long as restaurateurs maintain that flavour, people will keep coming back to them.

What are your marketing plans?

It’s a database that I have created over the time as I have been in this industry from last 7 years. It’s kind of networking over the years. We use digital media as one of the strongest tools to market our product and at the end of the day we make every customer feel special and then words of the mouth play the game.

What are your expansion plans?

Yes I’m opening bars but I’m focusing on small restaurant chains for now because food will never go out of fashion. And if it’s about hopscotch, then we are thinking of opening another outlet in Andheri, Mumbai in the next three months. 

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