What To Do To Maintain Success?
What To Do To Maintain Success?

The Indian food processing industry accounts for 32 per cent of the country’s total food market, one of the largest industries in India and is ranked fifth in terms of production, consumption, export and expected growth. Food industry has been successful but maintaining that success is the real drudgery. To maintain the stature and brand in top position a lot of hard work is poured in it. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind to maintain success in restaurant business.

Maintaining Supply Chains

“System for supply chains is extremely bad in India but the restaurateurs and operators need to fix it by creating awareness amongst the farmers, vendors and suppliers. They must ensure the quality by keep checking if the ingredient is being grown from the same farm where it is supplied from. So that way, they have to develop the farmers and producers as well,” says Chef Alok Anand, Executive Chef at JW Marriott, Kolkata. This initiate should be taken and it’s not the long time before it starts.


The primary areas of concern for the food and beverage industry, as pertains to the law, are product safety claims, accurate labelling and advertising, and food import regulations. Other practice areas that often cross over with food and beverage law include contract, business laws, distribution networks, agricultural laws, personal injury, international trade laws, and many others. “Not only the 31 licences which you need to start up a restaurant but every month there would be someone at your door knocking you and asking, ‘Do you have this to run a restaurant?’ So there is no website which informs people what to do to start up a restaurant. Operating cost is also high which put the energy down sometimes,” says Jaspal Singh Bindra, Proprietor at Punjabi Kadhai, Siliguri. Uniform National Policy should be created for restaurant licensing.

Right Location

Choose carefully the area, where you are going to set your restaurant up, who all are your competitors in the area, check their menu to make room for yourself, where you can extend your wings. Check how far is the market, or how easily the supplier can supply the raw materials and things which are needed on daily basis. Also one needs to see how the crowd is in that area, where people prefer eat out often, like areas such a next to shopping malls, super markets, or community centres.

Engage With Social Networking

Connect with the customer. If you have not heard of Face Book, MySpace or Twitter that are behind the social networking phenomena, you must not waste anymore time, go straight to these sites and understand how these sites that are capturing millions of people who are actively engaging on these sites every day. These sites work because social networking communities need to share and want to know what their circle of friends and relatives are up to. Find out how you can leverage the engagement and sharing of your content using these social networks.

Maintaining Consistency

Maintaining success is not everyone’s cup of tea. People come to fine dine restaurants to take a break from routine life and pamper their senses. Whereas food satisfies one sense, that is taste. Hence why not please their three senses, (that are sight, smell, taste), when you can. Once they feel good about the restaurant, they are going to come again and again. It is not a one time affair. Thus it is important to maintain consistency.

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