Designer Cake Trends in India in 2019
Designer Cake Trends in India in 2019

Within a short span of two years, Indian consumers have created many new trends in the bakery industry. Today, people are moving away from the conventional, tiered and typically decorated cakes and are opting for personalised and thematic cakes, something that brings out their individual choices and personalities. Cake-related trends have diversified in the past two years with the customisation and dietary preferences playing a big role in defining peoples’ choices. A decade ago, the concept of a vegan cake was considered absurd. However, this choice is easily available now to the average Indian consumers.

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2019 is going to be an exciting year for the bakery industry as old trends evolve and new trends set in. The market will be flooded with different trends such as vegan cakes, thematic cakes, non-cakes such as doughnuts or cupcakes, and a lot more.

The new-era designer cakes are set to be more in demand because they are more personalized and, hence, more appealing to the consumers. The designs themselves will no longer be limited to mass appeal but will become more individual-centric.

There’s such diversity among cakes that it requires its own specialization. Hence, listing all different types of cakes in one breath is impossible. However, some cakes which are becoming increasingly popular with consumers are semi-naked buttercream, metallic, the ‘toppers’, lace, printed wedding, Indian motif, inky black, doughnut, floating-tiers and understated textures among others.

Consumers are well versed with this miscellany, and expect authenticity and expertise when placing an order at the bakery.

Bizarre elements associated with the consumption patterns in the bakery industry, especially when it comes to cakes, are commonly observed from the perspective of wastage. In the hospitality industry, bakery section always sees more wastage of food. Once a cake is cut, if it is not consumed wholly, the remaining chunk has to be thrown away.

However, today people especially in the urban settings are more conscious about food wastage and tend to order only in the required amount. This type of conscious consumerism naturally gives way to newer trends which offer more personalization such as doughnut cakes, vegan cakes, mini-cupcakes, etc.

Instead of classifying this trend as bizarre, it should be promoted as a sustainable approach which is beneficial for the consumers as well as the businesses.

Kunal Rai is the VP, Weddings & Events, at Tamarind Global Weddings and Suchit Mahajan is from Deliciae Cakes.


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