How This Restaurant is Blending the Senses Together
How This Restaurant is Blending the Senses Together

Hospitality remains fun for Arjun Sagar Gupta who has been serving the food and beverages from last seven years. He firmly believes in doing things perfectly or else not doing it. A hard working man who works seven days a week and creates fun in food followed by his passion which is music, read what he has to say on his new venture:

What is the concept behind The Piano Man?

I don’t actually belong with hospitality sector. I had a bakery before Piano Man which made me entered this area. The idea was to build a soothing environment because it is as important as food. We don’t just focus on food but are trying to amalgamate all the senses. Restaurant should not be complicated but simple with a pleasing experience which consumer could never forget.

Fortunately, we have phenomenal chef at our restaurant who never forgets to pour fun in food. Also, we never lose our focus from the core ideology of blending all the senses together. We do a rigorous training in improvising ourselves in a better way every time. And, of course, one of our USP is music which allows people to dwell themselves in the environment.

What is the connect with music at the restaurant?

Band is the thing which attracts footfall and the only reason why Piano Man begun. In this hassle of life music is the only thing which could connect people. Sometimes people just walk in to our restaurants for music and don’t pay a penny and we don’t mind that. 20-25 per cent of audience don’t buy anything but they create an environment and that is why music is there.

What are your expectations from the brand?

We have an interesting long term structure in mind and planning to open another outlet. The Piano Man is one of the verticals and we want to expand the brand in different verticals as well.

Do you see any competition?

I don’t worry much about the competition because actually there is no competition. Most of the brands out there are focusing on generating revenues instead of following the ideology.

Do you think evolving trends affect food service sector?

Most of the players in food industry are following trends and following automatically puts an end to the product for life. On the other hand, evolving trends create a sincere space for themselves instead of replicating other trends. Any idea which do not gimmick is here to stay and it does affect food service sector but in a good way.

What are your marketing strategies?

We have a YouTube channel where we invest lots of money and efforts. All the performances which take place at our restaurant are recorded and then uploaded there at the channel. Also we have our PR Company who keeps informing the media about what The Piano Man is up to.

What about the expansion?

We just launched The Piano Man’s bakery in which we have introduced a lot of diet product in that particular segment. We are opening our next club in October at Gurugram. 

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