Great food is the main contributor to good biz- Saroj Muduli, Chef de Cuisine
Great food is the main contributor to good biz- Saroj Muduli, Chef de Cuisine

What all things come along in designing your restaurant menu?

The menu has to be designed keeping in mind the taste and preference of the well-travelled guests of today. I consider clientele, theme and décor of restaurant, seasonal famous dishes, availability of raw material and fresh and healthy components as the important factors for designing a menu.

What menu tweaks are you planning to introduce to stand out from the crowd?

Innovation is the key to success in the hospitality industry today and it is important to woo the evolving tastes of the consumer. Our team of chefs are constantly creating out of the box dishes keeping in mind its nutritional value and presentation. Recently, we did a Beer & Burger promotion where we presented some innovative burgers. For example, we served Savory Red Doughnut in which the patty was made using beetroot, cottage cheese, hung curd, mango relish and was stacked between savory doughnuts.

Tell us about the supply chain management in your hotel. Who are the suppliers?

We have suppliers on yearly contract basis who provide the best quality food products which are certified under food acts to ensure safety.

Comment on the involvement of senses in a restaurant?

The restaurant has to ensure great taste, aroma, visual appeal, ambience and texture/consistency. Thus, it becomes essential to focus on all the elements to ensure guest delight. We at Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon, lay a lot of emphasis on fostering great guest relations through our food and hospitality.

What are the different types of cuisines served at your restaurant?

We are a multi-cuisine restaurant and we serve Indian, Western and Oriental cuisines in our restaurant.

What is the contribution of good menus in restaurant business? How are new techniques in food helping the restaurant grow?

Great food is the main contributor to the success of any restaurant. If the menu is good and attractive, it will contribute to good business for the restaurant. We have an elaborate menu to cater to the diverse palate of our guests, be it the delectable spread of salads, appetizers, main course and desserts. We also have a section in the menu dedicated to kids featuring burgers, pizzas and sundaes. 

It is said that “sales in Indian restaurants are dropping.” What are the reasons for this?

Sales in Indian restaurants are dropping because of the high level of competition in the market and introduction of international food and brands in India. The consumer is spoilt for choice and it is a situation of supply being more than the demand.

What inspired you to become a chef? Tell us about your journey in the world of food.

I have always been a food lover. Being a Chef is a very creative and interesting job. My journey has been quite wonderful with great learning and creative experiments.

How familiar are you with the legalities involved in opening a restaurant? Are you planning to open up your own restaurant?

There are several licenses and approvals that are required for opening a new restaurant. As of now, there are no plans of opening a restaurant. I am very content with the role I have at Courtyard Gurgaon.  

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