How Brands Are Riding Along With Digital Ordering
How Brands Are Riding Along With Digital Ordering

With more and more advancement F&B industry is going along and things are getting more modernized for restaurants. Indian food market has witnessed a drastic digital shift in last couple of years where the digitalization has been on a rise. Keeping the trends in mind, restaurateurs are coping up with the changes and modifying things in order to meet people ’s expectation.

And, as customers are expecting to get engaged with the restaurants keeping the current fashion and trends in mind,  the only option left with the restaurants is to come up with a plan for meeting their expectations. Otherwise, things will get worse for the brands causing them losing their business. “People are now very smart and they know how things work in the food industry. With the digitalization happening around, customer’s expectation towards us has changed,” says Rohan Saraf, owner, Roadhouse café.

Taking Things Digitally

Digital ordering and delivery is a trend which has taken the food market by storm because of which almost every restaurant is now providing these services. Looking at the growth of these two factors, it’s definitely reshaping the restaurant industry. The concept of same hour delivery has also been introduced in the food market where a customer gets their food within an hour from the time of the order placed. The patience level can be seen decreasing by the day among the customers making the restaurants work at a much rapid pace. They have to be quick now without dropping an inch in their food quality.

Online ordering applications like Zomato and Swiggy have certainly witnessed a great demand since the trend has come into the industry. Almost every restaurant is now linked with these apps making the online delivery quick and easy for the customers. With various payment methods and simple interface, these applications are in great demand. 

“Online ordering has certainly changed the way restaurants used to work earlier. Many people now prefer to enjoy outside food while sitting at their home. With the facility of getting the food delivered right at the doorstep, digital ordering has met a new level and is expected to grow more in the upcoming time,” shares Kajall Gangwani who is the owner of Café Brown Sugar. She further adds, “We especially have an outlet in GK 1 which is a takeaway venture. The amount of online orders that we get on a daily basis is something incredible. Digital ordering has certainly reached another level which is providing a lot of options for customers.”

The trend of online ordering is expected to expand even more in terms of numbers in the coming time. According to a survey, it is said that the volume of digital ordering will be getting double in 2018 in the Indian food market. Restaurants which are not having online delivery options have to shift towards this platform otherwise things can get worse for them in the upcoming year.

Restaurateurs should understand that digital competency is one of the key in the business. This basically means that the restaurants should establish digital ordering and should do their best in delivery expertise. Otherwise, they have to face the consequences which will not be good for their brand in sustaining the market.

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