How Diners are Taking over Digital Trend
How Diners are Taking over Digital Trend

Staying in touch with your regular customers and expanding the new base is very important in restaurant business these days. And, restaurants prefer social media as one of the most preferred mode of communication as it instantly activates brand recall.

What does a customer do before dining?

When planning a dining date with family and friends people are confused on choosing the best restaurant suiting to everyone’s palate. According to a research 75 per cent of people say we will go to a restaurant if it is recommended by a friend and around 61 per cent feel that if the restaurant has much engagement on social media they go there by seeing their response on social platforms followed by reviews on Google or any other such platforms. No doubt, word of mouth is still ruling when it comes to recommending a restaurant among friends and family but gradually social picks are gaining ground all thanks to the food and digital influencers who keep posting food drooling images and stories via their Facebook post or Instagram stories. And, pictures are playing a bigger role in catching customer attention when choosing where to go searching for best food and dining experience.  

Enhancing Guest Experience...

Guest experience has taken a new turn in the food business today. Though, customers are always open for improvement and feedbacks but are looking for a customised experience. Around 79 per cent diners feels that guest experience enhance and improves and it cannot be fixed. However, 36 per cent of the guest thinks that one of the major things they look at a restaurant is to do online reservation and it should be available fairy easily and fast counting the same in overall experience.

How are you ordering food?

Getting food delivered at your ease is the new trend in the market. With both partners going out and working people these days prefer to get the food delivered at the tip of a button. According to a research 57 per cent diners are ordering food through restaurant website or mobile site and over 62 per cent diners would prefer ordering on mobile.

And, hence digital is the new go in today’s dining scenario though it cannot give tangible return. It really helps build connect and brand identity among your patrons.


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