How Food Influencers will help Restaurants post Covid
How Food Influencers will help Restaurants post Covid

There are videos on various Digital platforms featuring a snappy, a groovy Vietnamese song accompanied with a fun dance about washing your hands in a proper manner. The impact of the video was tremendous. Numbers of views and comments were really high. That clearly means that social media and right communicated message is going to bring a huge difference. Post COVID-19, the industry of Influencers will grow but in a different manner. More Meaningful content, right communication of messages and information will lead to affect brand’s image.

“As a food and travel influencer, we will now have an increased responsibility of sharing feedback of hygiene level at the eateries while sensitizing travelers on safety instructions to follow and ensure their and other people safety,” said Pawan Soni, Founder, Indian Food Freak by pointing that as per WHO Covid is here to stay and hence we will have to take it as a part of life while ensuring hygiene and safety. Even pictures of influencers using sanitizers, masks etc will go a long way in not only imparting its important but also to make the safety gears in vogue.

Most of us think that quarantine situation has negatively impacted the influencer marketing industry. But on the contrary, most of the brands in Hospitality & Travel industry are shifting their focus on leveraging digital Influencers to spread the right message related to safety and health measures. “This Pandemic situation has left customers scared and restaurants need to win the trust back with their new strategies. As an Influencer, we are showcasing live cooking sessions of various Chef’s from different restaurants showcasing all safety measures they are taking while cooking,” shared Nikhil Chawla from HMM Blog.

It’s about awareness now

Educating more than selling will be the next marketing strategy that all F&B brands should move onto. Times are tough for all the industries but for Hospitality Industry it’s the toughest. Utilizing an influencer's creativity to show initiative is the need of the hour. “As responsible blogger/influencer, it is our duty to do our bit for the establishments that have supported us all along by rewriting about them, Creating listicles, promoting their efforts on sanitization of premises and care taken in cooking, packaging, and delivering and also by sharing any promotions they do with our readers”, believed Gurpreet Singh Tikku from Mister Tikku.

Commenting on the same Rosme Chaube added, “Thankfully influencers have the luxury of being digital nomads which now will be the biggest consumer category for hospitality industry and they will prefer destinations that focus on organic food, local experiences with emphasis on wellness and high speed digital connectivity.”

Influencers and industries have a symbiotic relationship and with Covid19 that also has to evolve. Affiliate marketing will become the norm as hotels look to offset their losses while still procure business and this will also filter out relevant influencers while assuring a win-win situation for both.

Bringing Brands and Consumers together will be the next most important step from now of any influencer. Most of the followers have become closer to their influencers as they have kept them entertained during this quarantine period. Influencers should maximize the message and not the budget with brands atleast for some time now.

We all are in this together!

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Writer Neha Bahl is a Young Delhi based Media & Brand Communication expert, Brand Image Consultant and a digital media marketer & founder of “Qube Communication”. She holds over 8 years of rich experience in Media & Brand Communication and have worked with more than 50 F&B brands.  



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