How Late Night Delivery has Changed Eating Dynamics
How Late Night Delivery has Changed Eating Dynamics

Hunger sees no time and no location, one can feel hungry anywhere anytime.  With change in our lifestyle, midnight craving is no longer a sporadic thing. Modern day lifestyle has been a catalyst in stimulating the growth of midnight eateries in India. Open all night food joints business has boomed over the last 5 years.

With the arrival of food delivery start-ups like Zomato and Swiggy, late-night food delivery restaurants got a push from them as they resolved their issues by providing delivery and by listing them in their directory. Like every year we set some trend in business and this year also there are few trends that are going to rule the 'Late Night Delivery market.

Fast food over the main course:

The late it gets, the ticket size for food purchase increases which has resulted in the rise in the demand of the fast food.  Late night delivery came in demand due to the change in our lifestyles. With late night working hours, the demand for midnight snacks increased and now fast foods like pizza and burgers are among the most ordered food items on Zomato during late night order. There are many reasons behind the high demand for fast food, factors like the desire to have some snacks, they are conventional food and majority of people like them.

No more late-night delivery charges:

Along with the demand and need for late night delivery came into existence arrived the concept of additional charges for late night delivery. Initially, there were very few restaurants serve late night and with not much competition they started charging an additional amount for late night delivery services. From the last two years, the increase in the number of such eateries brought a major concept among these restaurants. Due to the increased competition, they reduced their delivery charges to a point that now there will not be delivery charge applicable on late night delivery.

Residential areas will now be the target:

Corporates and commercial areas have been the ideal location for late-night delivery restaurants as these places have provided a potential consumer to the brand.  Eateries target these areas because of all night and late-night working hours and have been an ideal location for the potential consumer. With the change in our lifestyle, the demand for late night food delivery increased in residential areas and especially in metro cities. So, this year we will see a shift in focus from commercial areas to residential areas of such restaurants.

This year is expected to be a year full of beaming opportunities for food industry. These trends are going to rule the late night delivery food industry and will set the ground for future of food industry.

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