How 'Naked' Restaurants are Becoming Popular in West
How 'Naked' Restaurants are Becoming Popular in West

‘Bunyadi’ that’s how diners entered into the world of nudity. It was in October, 2016 that this restaurant opened its door in London. After trying a pop-up in summer 2016, the owners saw a waiting list of more than 46,000 people for this naked restaurant where only a few people could dine. No one would have ever imagined that this much people were ready to dine naked. And, that’s when the owners planned to open a full-fledged restaurant witnessing the great footfall.

The restaurant served a vegan meal where the servers could also find serving baked. “We started a movement in the shape of a pop-up restaurant a year ago. Our experiment was very successful and we are now fundraising to bring The Bunyadi back to London. Let's continue it together,” read the company’s website.


Following the trend, we saw many cosmopolitan cities entering the world of nudity and let’s term 2016-17 as a year big on public naked dining.

In 2016, Japan's first naked restaurant ‘The Amrita’ opened its door at four locations in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka. The Amrita had originally planned to weigh its customers, who must be under 60 years old, before entry and anyone more than 15kgs over the average weight for their height would be turned away. It also allowe anyone aged 20-120 entering the space.

In January 2017, Innato Tenerife became the first naked restaurant in Spain. This island restaurant serves an ‘aphrodisiac menu’ that served on the nude bods of male and female models. A much popular item on the menu was ‘happy ending’ where the models smother themselves in chocolate so diners can dip strawberries off them.

Naked Restaurant

And, in the same year Paris opened its first Nude restaurant named, ‘O’Naturel’ that fits around 40 diners for around $35. The guests are asked to remove their clothes upon entering the restaurant and ditching them in the restaurant’s wardrobe. But recently, this restaurant recently closed its door seeing the shortage of the diners who were ready to get naked. O'naturel will serve its last meals to nude guests on February 16 - just 15 months after it opened. Opened by 42 years twin, Mike and Stephane Saada who are not nude themselves opened this restaurant tapping the opportunity as they saw that the country is one of the world's top nudist destinations.

Not only this, cities like Berlin, New York and others also saw this trend by opening more of pop-ups and restaurants. And, recently it is in news that Switzerland is also going to witness the trend of nude dining by opening first-ever restaurant. According to the newspaper Schweiz am Wochenende, the eatery, called "Edelweiss Basel - Nudisten Lounge", will open at Rebgasse 39, in the premises once occupied by a gay and lesbian club. The customers will leave their clothes in a cloakroom provided especially for this purpose, and the most timid patrons will be able to keep on their, um, bare essentials, such as underwear. The waiters will also be unclad.

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