How Online Ordering Is Revolutionizing Food Industry
How Online Ordering Is Revolutionizing Food Industry

Online ordering has created a sensation among the new customers which has changed their way of interacting with the restaurants. India’s online food ordering sector is experiencing a growth of 15 per cent on a quarterly basis and is expected to rise more in the upcoming time.

Majority of the diners have started to order online which clearly states that it has surpassed the phone ordering. Various apps like Zomato, Swiggy, and Foodpanda are finding loyal customers who are constantly involved with them regarding having food.

Online Ordering Surpassed Phone Ordering

Customers these days spend more time on their phone making it fast and easy for them to place an order ata restaurant. Most of the restaurants have started providing online delivery to meet customers' expectation. It's meeting the demands of the young generations who want everything to be fast and easy. They love the concept where they can have their preferred food sitting right at their home. “Transformation to online ordering is a good step in many ways. It eliminates the condition of having a middleman thereby eliminating staff errors,” shares Gold Chaudhary, Chef at Barocks.

Mobile Apps Are Driving Huge Sales

Online ordering through websites and apps are also in huge demand. These apps allow a person to create their account and provide them with an option to reorder their past selection directly.

Driving Sales

Restaurants are witnessing almost 25 per cent increase in their orders while using the online delivery option as compared to the in-restaurant orders. It allows the user to take as much time they want. “It’s not just the millennial who is appreciating this service. Young as well as old people are feeling the same way. Today’s diners want the service to be quick and convenient and more importantly to be delivered right at their doors,” says Anubhav Dubey, Co-owner, Chai Sutta Bar

Increase in Competition

Restaurants are always surrounded by competitions. Online ordering is one waaay to combat this competition. Offering the customer various discounts and coupons can drive them towards your restaurant ordering more often in the future. It also creates a sense of loyalty among both the parties which is healthy for business. But it’s also going to be tough as providing such offers are going to heat up as we will move through the year.

Allowing to Collect Customer Information

Usually, when customers visit your restaurant, they come, eat, pay for their food and leave. There is no kind of information left about the person who just dined out with you. Online ordering provides you this amazing marketing tool which helps a lot in expanding your business. Hence, it has become a hot trend in the current food market. With their information, you can directly reach to them anytime informing about the various offers and discounts your restaurant is going through.

It is, in fact, the perfect time to utilise the power of online ordering. It is a trend which is here to stay allowing a lot of opportunities for the restaurants to mark their presence among the customers.       

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