How Swiggy's Menu Score Tool will Help Restaurants with Data-Driven Menu Optimization
How Swiggy's Menu Score Tool will Help Restaurants with Data-Driven Menu Optimization

Swiggy, India's leading on-demand convenience platform, aims to enhance the restaurant experience and offerings with the introduction of its 'Menu Score Tool.' 

This powerful, data-driven dashboard empowers restaurant partners with invaluable insights and recommendations for menu optimization. 

“The Swiggy Menu Score Tool showcases our commitment to providing data-driven solutions and actionable insights for our restaurant partners. As the restaurant industry increasingly expands into the online realm, understanding what works in this digital space becomes paramount. Consumer behaviours online can differ significantly from offline experiences. We believe the Menu Score Tool will bring a positive impact on the way restaurants approach menu optimization, enabling them to attract more customers and fostering organic business growth,” shared Swapnil Bajpai, VP, Supply, Swiggy.

In today's competitive restaurant landscape, a well-crafted menu plays a pivotal role in driving success. Swiggy's Menu Score Tool is poised to shape the future of menu design and customer engagement. 

Customer at the Centre

The Menu Score Tool utilizes cutting-edge data analytics to create a user-friendly dashboard that harnesses the power of competition analysis and customer preferences. Covering crucial aspects such as menu categories, dishes, images, add-ons, and combos, this innovative tool equips restaurant partners with actionable recommendations to elevate their menus and drive better conversions.


Helping Restaurant Partners

The Menu Score Tool offers a comprehensive view of menu performance, providing partners with a score on a scale of 100 at both the brand and individual outlet levels. This unique scoring system is a measure of overall menu quality and serves as a benchmark for improvement. Partners gain access to key metrics such as Menu to Cart conversion percentages, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive menu-related enhancements. The tool also provides information on the Menu Scores of nearby restaurants, helping users gauge their competition and identify areas for improvement.

The dashboard presents detailed insights at a granular level, enabling partners to identify top-performing dishes preferred by customers in similar restaurants, pinpoint items lacking images and descriptions, and uncover the most sought-after add-ons and combos.

The Menu Score Tool also empowers restaurant partners with the freedom to access data points at any time, reducing dependence on direct Swiggy point-of-contact. With the tool's self-serve format, partners can take charge of their menu optimization journey and embrace data-driven decisions that translate to increased menu conversions and sustainable growth.

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