How This Dessert Parlor Has Become A Kingdom of Taste For Delhi-NCR People
How This Dessert Parlor Has Become A Kingdom of Taste For Delhi-NCR People

Gaurav was born and brought up in Delhi into a middle class family. Being a disciplined and dedicated student he always had his heart and passion running towards the culinary industry. The passion for food was so strong that it made him switch to pursue hotel management leaving his medicine career behind. “I think I was born to cook and that’s what I always wanted to do,” shares Wadhwa who is currently running five outlets of Theos in Delhi-NCR.

What was the whole idea coming up with Theos?

I’m a hospitality graduate so I did my education in this particular field. Belonging to a middle class family I was always focused and inclined towards the education I was pursuing. Disciplined and dedicated are the two words that can briefly describe me. Being not so sure about how to carry my passion for food forward I persuaded my higher education in medicine. And later when I got aware on how to carry my passion forward, I changed my path from medicine to hospitality. I went to IHM Pusa Delhi for carrying my hotel management degree. While I was working with a group of hotel, I realized that whatever we were doing inside the hotel was very nice. But a common man had no access to all those stuffs available in the hotel which were really different from the outside market. I always had a thing in mind that to make such quality of product available at a local market where more people can get a chance to try them. Thus, Theos came into being.

What kind of difficulty  did you face while entering this business?      

When I was setting up my venture things didn’t happen immediately. I left my job as I was working with a group of company and came back to Delhi.  I had an offer in Delhi to do something in collaboration with someone. But when I landed up in Delhi things changed and that particular person was no longer interested. I was jobless and I spend eight months at home thinking what to do next. I made a script on how things will work and went to have a loan by a respective bank as I had no money with me. I took a loan from which I started a small kitchen which was a garage kind of a thing. Soon I bumped into someone who was looking for a good supplier. We then collaborated with each other and things changed drastically for me. 

What is your take on the food industry market which is growing drastically?

Food is the only industry in which it is very difficult to have a recession. It’s growing at a very large scale. I am happy that it’s growing in terms of the numbers but I would be happier if this industry also grows in terms of quality. People these days have a lot of options to go and dine out. There are good places which are coming up with quality products whereas there are other places which believe in mass production and can comprise a little on the quality while making the products cheap.  

From where do you get your raw materials?

We have a sorted channel of distributors working with us. We only use imported chocolates and fruits which are from Thailand. For other things we have our distributor spread throughout Delhi and Mumbai.

What’s so unique about Theos?

Theos is an artisanal patisserie. Everything you get here is an amalgamation of food and art which when blended together gives you a wonderful experience. Ranging from our normal bread to our special pastries, one can easily witness some amount of art like detailing and cornicing. Adding to the artisanal factor is the quality of food that we provide here. The soul of the food which is prepared and served here is also unique. Unlike people usually experimenting with food items, we prefer to keep the classic recipe untouched and prefer to add some artisan factors to it without playing with its base. We don’t compromise with any raw materials. They have to be of the best quality without any substitutes.

What are the challenges you see? 

Competition is always there around you and that’s something necessary according to me. They are always healthy and are very good for this particular market as it creates a lot of awareness among the people. It also pushes you to do better which is again a positive thing. Because of competitions, availability of resources has also improved.  The only negative point I think about challenges is the battle of prices which begin eventually ending in the degradation of the quality of food.

Any expansion plans?

We currently have four outlets and are planning to open a fifth one by the end of May this year. We are also planning to come up with a bakery retail store which will be selling raw materials. By 2020 we want to cover Delhi NCR and post 2020 we are looking forward to move pan India.

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