How This Hyderabad Based Bar Is Providing A Beach Side Experience To The Locals
How This Hyderabad Based Bar Is Providing A Beach Side Experience To The Locals

How did it all begin?

The food industry always used to attract me. Three years back I met my old friends who were also interested in doing something in the same industry. We all discussed, planned and shared our ideas and then started the business together.

Enlighten us on your culinary journey.

We belong from different parts of the country. I was born and brought up in Kolkata while others hail from places like Hyderabad, Rajasthan etc. We just met together on one instance and ended up sharing a common feeling for the industry. Regarding the cuisines, it totally depends on the area of catering. We did a lot of research on the tastes and preferences of the locals and the aspects missing. Our biggest advantage is our location.  

How are you innovating in terms of your venture?

We are innovating in terms of designs. We are trying to do something new and different at a fixed interval of time for the customers.  A lot of effort has been made to carve about seven of our signature  dishes on wood. People are really appreciating the various kinds of designs we are coming up with.

How is the location profiting your business?

Being the only water body situated within Hyderabad, this place has a lot to provide to the people doing business around it. The lake attracts many tourists. We get lots of national and international customers at our venture enjoying the beautiful surrounding along with our mouth-watering food and excellent services.

Why By The Bay Bar Exchange?

It is because our venture is situated on the bay of the lake. We have made the whole interiors on the concept of Goa and shack. We have tried as much as possible to replicate this theme and are doing considerably well according to the customer feedback.

What are the cuisines being served at your venture?

We are serving all kinds of coastal dishes found in India. Keeping the local market in mind, we have kept 2-3 items as a main dish in our menu which is highly accepted and loved by the locals. We have incorporated these main dishes with the varieties of coastal dishes in the menu. We also serve Continental, Italian and Chinese cuisines and have tried to maintain its authenticity as possible. Most of our dishes come with a coconut flavor following the coastal theme.

What kind of food trends do you see in this industry?

People have started understanding and appreciating the rich taste of Indian coastal cuisines. Customers are now paying for the experience rather than just food. They want an experience to be platter along with mouth watering cuisines at their favored brand. With increased traveling people are now exposed to various international cuisines and trends, and expect to find the same in India as well.

What is the uniqueness of your bar?

Given the huge property, we wanted to provide a beach effect with both indoor and outdoor sitting area.

 What is an average footfall?

We get around 250-270 guests on a daily basis. Weekdays are slow and steady whereas weekends are jam packed.

What is your expansion plan?

This is our second venture and we are planning to expand our business in different places. The only thing which restricts us is the location. We are very choosy when it’s about the location as I believe that location plays a key role in sustaining the business.

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