How to Create Experience in Delivery Restaurants
How to Create Experience in Delivery Restaurants

The Journey

For me travel has always involved an itinerary of exploring the city through their local food, and fortunately I got to do a lot within India and outside. My brother, Sanchit is from hospitality industry. We’re a team, I explored different food concepts when I was working in New York & he explored different concepts by serving them in Dubai. Also, our family is like any other Delhi family which lives for food & feeding everyone with love. So it just made sense for us to move back & together build a brand people would fall in love with.

Inspiration of the Concept

Delhi NCR, especially Gurgaon is a melting pot of different cultures appreciating other cultures with big hearts (dillidilwallonki). There is a huge variety of options in food, but not enough with regional cuisine. India’s cultural diversity makes each cuisine unique in flavour, technique and ingredients. So we tried to revive those and deliver tastefully. Tawa Tales was born with the aim to create a collection of selected recipes from across the country to appeal the urban palate of Delhi.


I’m a firm believer of building an emotional connection with the customer, by not just delivering food but delivering an experience. We attempt at engaging all the senses and build a long lasting relationship. Its good food packaged beautifully and served humbly. Our menu has been curated by our friends and natives from different states of India, and our dishes are presented in modern avatars like ParsiPoroPavSlider, Butter Chicken Pocket and Laal Maas Roll.

Creating Experience

We aim to create a memorable experience for our customers by personally connecting with them through food and great dining experience at their homes and offices. We believe that food lovers deserve packaging that is both, high quality and fun. We have tried to keep our brand personal and relatable at every stage, taking care of every detail, even our cutlery is tied with a bow, since just the act of untying a bow brings such pleasure to the mind similar to opening a present. Each order includes a handwritten postcard for our customers with a thank you note. But we’re most excited about our Insta Shot food Mat. To help our customers with their love for food photography and getting that Insta-perfect shot, we send out interactive food mats with every delivery. All they have to do is place their food and cutlery as directed, and our mat will do the magic.

The Pricing                                               

Reduced GDP will lead to decreasing income levels which would mean that the quantity of food may not change but the willingness to spend may reduce and demand might shift from luxury to affordable options. We have reduced that since food is an integral part of lifestyle especially working individuals who require good quality food at affordable prices. We have priced ourselves accordingly but maintaining the quality of our offering. 

Customer’s Response

The greatest joy is when customers send us or tag us in pictures with the food. I’m sure every restaurateur says this, but there is no other joy than knowing that you contributed in making someone happy with your food.

Marketing Strategy:

We are constantly trying to keep the brand very personal and relatable and not at all commercial with a lot of attention to detail. Letting our food and the experience market itself. Creating content the customer can engage with including the social media content which includes memes between our brand illustrations reflecting everyone’s daily struggle and common love for food.

Expansion Plans

We are concentrating on Gurgaon right now and will be expanding our offerings to Delhi. We are also looking into QSR format for the brand. We have few concepts in the pipeline in QSR format and working on R&D. One of them is revolved around meal boxes with an interesting twist.

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