How to place your restaurants right?
How to place your restaurants right?

Every day we see a new restaurant opening in India, but how many restaurants are wisely placing them in the food driven Indian society is a trick. A restaurateur needs to play a lot with the local flavours, selection of location, menu and the ambience to be well appreciated by the customers.

Placing it right

From placing the product right in the market to running them successfully is a major challenge in India. Today, many restaurants come with a great bang, but fail to successfully run business in India. This is because they are not well versed with the strategies on how to place the product right in the market.

But the story of successful chains Indian brands like Yo! China, Speciality Restaurants, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) and Haldiram’s; global majors like Domino’s, McDonald’s; and new entrants like Burger King can teach restaurant owners on how to place their products right in the market, where customers have become very demanding and moody in choosing a particular menu.

According to experts, a restaurant owner should focus on creating same experience while delivering across all parts of the country. Meanwhile, they should also try to introduce something new and exciting in their menu on regular basis.

“We create fun at our restaurant. We are value for money restaurant and our restaurants are trendy. We offer innovation and are present at the right location. The strategies help us gain an edge over others. We are here for 11 years building our brand because brand brings consistency and the ability to stay requires time,” says Ashish Kapur, MD and Co-Founder, Yo! China, who has successfully build India’s first Chinese restaurant chain.

On the other hand, the Indian home-grown coffee major CCD is committed to bring a world-class coffee experience and superior service for its customers. The coffee chain has a core team of F&B experts, food technologists and trainers, who ensure that the chain remains relevant and trendsetter. It is ensured that there is something new and exciting on offer at regular intervals.

Sharing the same experience, Praveen Bodduluri, COO, Vaango, says “When we started in 2011, it was conceptualised on the basis of what was the customers’ requirement and the customers wanted a South Indian restaurant in a contemporary. The very fact that we are operating 19 outlets in Delhi-NCR region, other cities like Haldwani, Dehradun, Mohali, Jaipur, and at airports in Hyderabad and Mumbai is evident of our brand’s evolution.”

Authenticity is the call

With Indian food lover becoming well travelled and experienced when choosing what to eat, it has become a bit difficult for the restaurant owners and chefs to meet their demands and successfully cater to them. And with the growing demand for food, comes the authenticity of the product. We have seen tremendous progress happening in the F&B segment. New brands are investing lakhs and crores in setting up a restaurant, but the brands who have delivered the best experience are running for long in the business.

“We are very clear in terms of standardising our brand format. From Chandigarh to Chennai, we try and deliver the same experience to our customers. Supply chain, backend, training and every other important thing is taken care of. We try to take a lot of feedback through one-on-one interaction with our customers and have a very robust feedback mechanism,” shares KS Narayanan, CEO, Pan India Foods Solutions.

Thus, we can say that placing your brand right by adopting right tools is important in running a restaurant’s operation successful in India. Knowing your target customer, focusing on building an authentic menu, and selecting the right location will help you run a robust restaurant business.

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