Hyderabad's Sanctuary Bar & Kitchen Expands to Goa with Celebrity Chef Sarah Todd
Hyderabad's Sanctuary Bar & Kitchen Expands to Goa with Celebrity Chef Sarah Todd


Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen is set to redefine culinary experiences by combining history, luxury, and gastronomy.

Originating from Hyderabad, this culinary haven brings with it a legacy of culinary brilliance and innovation.

After establishing itself as a fine dining in Hyderabad, Sanctuary now aims to set new standards in luxury dining in Goa.

As it expands to Goa, Sanctuary remains true to its roots while embracing new vistas. Every aspect of Sanctuary, from its ambiance to its menu, has been carefully crafted to offer a luxurious dining experience.

The founders, Gokul Krishna, Rohan Gutta, Trilok Potluri, and Mithun Yalamarthi, undertook the initiative to plant more than 8,000 trees, resulting in a lush green environment.

The restaurant is designed by Gokul Krishna, Co-Founder of Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen, as well as Founder and CEO of W Design Studio.

"We are thrilled to unveil Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen to Goa, our vision is to create a sanctuary where guests can indulge in exquisite cuisine, sip on artisanal cocktails, and immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of Goa. With Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen, we aim to offer a memorable dining experience while becoming an integral part of Goa's culinary landscape. Our goal is to celebrate its rich gastronomic traditions while pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity. Having esteemed culinary talents like Celebrity Chef Sarah Todd and mixologists Agnieszka Rozenska and Louness Ducos on our team adds an extra layer of excitement and expertise to our venture, ensuring a truly exceptional experience for our guests." said Rohan Gutta, Co-Founder of Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen.

Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen introduces Celebrity Chef Sarah Todd as its Culinary Executive and Brand Ambassador.

With her extensive culinary background and profound connection to Indian flavors, Chef Sarah brings a distinct perspective that promises to enhance the dining experience at Sanctuary.


Her signature dishes such as Xacuti Crab Cakes with Kokum Salsa, featuring Goan-spiced crab cakes accompanied by a tangy kokum fruit salsa.

Additionally, the menu offers options like Chicken Kiev Cafreal Bites with Cafreal Dip, presenting bite-sized chicken Kiev with a Goan cafreal twist, served with a complementary cafreal herb dip.


Vegetarian highlights include Paneer Hara Masala Tart with Fenni Pickled Zucchini, showcasing creamy paneer in green masala within a tart, topped with fenni-flavored pickled zucchini, and Jaggery Glazed Carrots, featuring sweet and lightly spiced carrots glazed in jaggery.


For larger groups, the menu offers options such as the Recheado Platter, a Goan variation of the classic paella, abundant with recheado masala and assorted seafood, and the Peruvian Style Morning Glory with Lime Rice, presenting stir-fried morning glory atop zesty lime-infused rice, seasoned with Peruvian spices.

Sanctuary Bar and Kitchen features a duo of acclaimed mixologists, Agnieszka Rozenska and Louness Ducos, committed to curating an unforgettable bar experience.


Among the crowd favorites is the Clear Picante, a concoction of tequila silver, agave syrup, chili tincture, coriander, lime, and clarified milk.

However, the most captivating offering is the signature Its Peanut’s Thyme, crafted with bourbon, peanut butter, vermouth rosso, passionfruit, thyme, clarified milk, jaggery syrup, and lemon, representing a game-changing blend of flavors.


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