Indian Restaurants set to cross boundaries with makeover cuisines
Indian Restaurants set to cross boundaries with makeover cuisines

What are the upcoming trends in near future?

The upcoming trends that I would say are that Indian restaurants are getting a makeover. Everybody wants to try different international cuisines like Italian, Pan-Asian, Japanese or a mix of all. Since American food is coming in a big way, so Indian food and restaurants are getting complete makeover as traditional dishes too are getting the makeover, and will become more healthy, well presented, more innovative and a lot of home dishes will come in the limelight. So, these things are going to happen in the next two to three years.

What new we can see at Indian Accent?

At the moment, we are opening at New York. And it is going to be a very different type of menu but the heart and the soul will be the same i.e. of Indian Accent. The ingredients which you will be getting here will be far superior in New York. There are going to be new dishes in the menu and exotic things and also lot of home recipes which are going to feature in my fine dining restaurant.  

According to you, which cuisine is overrated in India?

Every cuisine has got something good or bad. There are some cuisines because of which small regional cuisines are not coming up.

Which particular cuisine do you want in your Indian Accent?

Indian Accent has all different types of cuisines. A cuisine from north-east is the one which I am working on. By next year hopefully, I will include that also.

What are the basic essential techniques that you keep in mind while designing your menu?

When I decide the dishes for Indian Accent, the first thing is whatever combination or mixing I do, should make sense and I don’t play with dull flavours as taste is always supreme in my dish. It should also give you good value in terms of money. 

You have so much experience in Indian cuisines and more than 20 years experience at Indian Accent. So, any new launch coming up?

We are opening Indian Accent in New York by November. It is a very big step as New York is the world city and opening a restaurant there is quiet challenging as all the big players are there and it is tough, but we are very excited at the same time.

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