Indians becoming experimental with food
Indians becoming experimental with food

Foodpanda, India’s largest online food ordering platform recently conducted an insightful survey on the shifting choices of Indians and their increasing inclination towards non-traditional cuisines like European and Pan-Asian to name a few.

The survey highlights that a whopping 36 per cent of total orders placed across India are for non-traditional grub which is a testament to the fact that Indians are embracing foreign cuisines and giving their taste buds a break from the conventional dal chawal.

As per the survey, Delhi leads the gourmet game with 21 per cent of its denizens opting to gorge on non-traditional dishes, followed by Bangalore 18 percent, Gurgaon 12 per cent, Hyderabad 12 per cent, Mumbai 10 per cent, Pune 10 per cent and Others at 17 per cent.

The non-traditional cuisines that Indians show a distinct leaning towards includes Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, European, Italian, Pan-Asian and Seafood.

“ has been revealing interesting facts about the food consumption habits of Indians through its myriad surveys. Our latest survey brings a clear finding to light about how Indians are going beyond their staple diet to explore world cuisine. These observations help us analyze and understand the food ordering scenario in the country in a much better way, enabling us to serve our customers efficiently,” says Rohit Chadda, MD and Co-Founder,

Also, while Pan-Asian cuisine comes across as the most obvious choice for gastronomes at 45 per cent, it is closely followed by Seafood 25 per cent, Middle-eastern 11 percent and Japanese 9 per cent. Meanwhile, Mexican and European grub have emerged as the least-preferred choice by connoisseurs as a mere 5 per cent of the orders are made for the same.

This shows that, globalisation has turned the traditional notions of dining up on its head to an extent that the well-heeled and well-travelled Indian is spoilt for choice when it comes to his eating preferences. The crux of foodpanda’s survey indicates that Indians are slowly developing a taste for non-traditional dishes to give their desi food routines a refreshing twist.

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