Investors are ready to invest only when you convince them of your success- Virender Kumar
Investors are ready to invest only when you convince them of your success- Virender Kumar

In a candid chat with Franchise India, Virender Kumar talks about the growing culture of Alcoholism in India.

What is the percentage of imported liquor in India?

In present date the demand for both Indian and imported liquor is almost same. People have developed a taste of both the liquor so; you can say that the ratio is 50-50. It should be one’s own satisfaction whether he wants an imported or an Indian or say local liquor.

What are the legalities that a pub goes through before opening? How accommodating is the Govt. Laws in India towards opening a bar?

We went through many legal aspects. Getting licenses from Delhi Police to Municipal Corporation was very difficult.

Now it is very easy to open a bar in India. Not the govt of India but it depends on each state govt. And the Delhi govt is very accommodating towards getting licenses as Delhi is the capital city of the country which has people from all over the world.

How did you decide to open your Bar at the current location?

We decided to open our restaurant and bar at such place where we could get the flow of customers. We are located at Select City walk which is the biggest mall and the most happening place in the city with crowds from all over the country and the world.

What is the problem that a bar faces as compared to a restaurant? What were your marketing strategies?

The major problem which we are facing at the bar is the unavailability of imported brands. Another problem is Delhi govt’s policy for getting the product which is not satisfactory.

We have separate team for marketing. We organises happy hour for our bar from 3:30 noon to 8 o’clock in the evening where liquor is served at a very reasonable price. If you are buying a peg for Rs 375, another peg in the same range will be free with the first peg.

Were investors approachable? Can you name some?

No investor is ready to invest until you give them the surety. We gave them the as surety that our venture would bring a successful business. The investors were Mr. Sandeep Hooda, a real estate developer and Mr. Rohan Gupta, the owner himself.

From where do you get the alcohol? Who are the suppliers?

We get the alcohol through vendors and suppliers from the excise department only. Brindco is the major supplier of alcohol in Delhi and the other one is embassy.

How do you think people are adapting to the western culture in taking alcohol?

There is a media boost now. Everybody is now aware of the benefits and harm of consuming alcohol. Consuming alcohol is now connected with adapting the western culture.

How do you decide what all brands to keep at your bar?

We decide the people’s choice, their likes and dislikes. We decide menu keeping in mind their preferences. Some of the cocktail menus are very popular here like Brands Merry, Miami White etc.

What do you think is a restaurants reaction to having a pub nearby?

The pub has a different concept with more focus on the Gen night music or he loud music, while the restaurant’s focus is on the quality of food it serves.

What is the percentage of people taking the liquor?

5 percent of people take wine, 40 percent take beer while 55 percent take other alcoholic drinks. The customers whom we get at our bar are mostly above the age group of 35.

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