Marketing tips for Start-ups
Marketing tips for Start-ups

Everybody knows the importance of digital marketing for a start-up. And for food like start-ups, it gives more value to business in a competitive market.  Marketing strategy can be both online and offline. Promotion, advertising etc help build a business unique in every possible way. Thus, to be successful as a start-up, one has to do great marketing of their products.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, has   become the best place to promote anything. Social media has become a part of everyone’s life, especially in urban cities. There are several platforms and each of them offers different means of marketing a product. “Since social media is now extremely popular, with huge numbers skimming through content for a large part of a typical day, social media is a crucial tool to market through, for the sake of simply reaching a vast audience, if anything else. Social media also provides clever targeting for increased viewership, helping marketing achieve much closer to the intended mark”, shared Nandan Reddy, Cofounder, Swiggy.

Simple and focus

Alok Jain, Founder & CEO at Yumist states, “The idea is to keep it simple and focus on the basics. One should aim to build a product that solves customer problem and ensure a consistently superior customer experience. During the growth stages, keep a close eye on what marketing initiatives, lead to low acquisition costs and high repeats and double down on that". Customer appreciates if a brand truly cares about his/her money and gets the top result.

Built Partnership

For any business, partnership is significant; this relationship reduces risks for brands. “Partners with other companies are reasonable and effective, basically like quid-pro-quo. You will build a cross access between yourself and the partner's customers. . You have to be careful here not to dilute your brand value, partnering with a tainted brand can do more harm than good” commented, Prateek Soni, Co-founder of Foodport.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth and references helps in spreading news and information. Most of the time, food is a topic of discussions among people. On the same note, Rohan Arora, Co-Founder of Bueno said, “We focus on a great product and word of mouth spreads as referral is the biggest marketing trick for today.” This even helps the home chef’s, as it is a new source of income through this platform.

Target Customers

Studies show 70 per cent people are more likely to buy from a company they already bought something from in the past. So, one should target those customers again before approaching a new customer and this will help to grow business.  

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