“Prioritize Quality over Quantity,” Says Kanishk Tuteja of Nukkad Café & Bar
“Prioritize Quality over Quantity,” Says Kanishk Tuteja of Nukkad Café & Bar

The restaurant industry has witnessed remarkable growth over the past eight years. One significant trend is the expanding Indian palate, with diners increasingly seeking elevated culinary experiences and a willingness to experiment with new flavors. This shift towards quality dining has propelled restaurants to innovate and offer diverse menus to cater to evolving consumer preferences. Additionally, the rise of social media and digital platforms has revolutionized the way restaurants engage with their audience, enabling them to reach a wider customer base and enhance brand visibility. As a result, the restaurant landscape has become more dynamic and competitive, driving establishments to continually strive for excellence and differentiation. Started by Kanishk Tuteja, the whole idea behind Nukkad Café & Bar was to create a casual yet inviting space where people could unwind and connect over good food, nostalgic vibes, and live music every day. Excerpts from the interview: 

Kanishk Tuteja

What was the whole idea starting Nukkad Café & Bar? And how do you see its growth? 

In today's fast-paced world dominated by technology, we wanted to offer a haven where guests could relive cherished memories of simpler times and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere. Nukkad has resonated with patrons by tapping into their desire for authentic experiences and a sense of community. Moving forward, we envision taking Nukkad pan-India, leveraging its unique brand identity to create similar nostalgic havens across different cities. 

Is the restaurant funded? 

No, Nukkad Café & Bar is not funded. We have relied on our own resources and strategic planning to establish and grow the brand. 

Nukkad Cafe

What’s your clientele for Nukkad Café & Bar?

Nukkad Café & Bar caters to a diverse clientele, welcoming everyone from couples and families to live music enthusiasts, millennials, and Gen Z alike. Our inclusive approach ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy, fostering a vibrant and lively atmosphere. 

How do you decide on the location for your brand? 

When selecting locations for our brand, we consider various factors such as the alignment of our target audience with the area demographics, per capita income, footfall, and visibility. Each location is meticulously evaluated to ensure that it complements our brand ethos and offers the ideal setting to connect with our customers. 

Nukkad Cafe

How have you designed the menu for the restaurant? 

The menu at Nukkad Café & Bar is thoughtfully curated to offer a fusion of Indian street food and global favorites, infused with our unique Nukkad touch. We aim to delight our guests with a diverse selection of dishes that evoke nostalgia while also satisfying their cravings for innovative flavors and culinary experiences. 

Talk to us about your other brands. How difficult/easy is it for you to run a multi-brand venture? 

Running a multi-brand venture presents both challenges and opportunities. Each brand caters to a distinct target market, requiring careful attention to their unique needs and preferences. While it can be demanding to stay updated with different user personas and market trends, it also allows us to diversify our offerings and reach a broader audience. Our approach involves constant innovation and adaptability to ensure that each brand thrives in its respective niche. 

5 trends you see in the casual dining business. 

● Emphasis on health-conscious options and dietary preferences. ● Rise of experiential dining concepts, such as interactive menus and themed restaurants. ● Integration of technology for enhanced customer experience, including online ordering and reservation systems. ● Sustainable and eco-friendly practices, such as locally sourced ingredients and minimal waste initiatives. ● Personalized dining experiences, tailored to individual preferences and dietary restrictions. 

Nukkad Cafe

5 Tips you would like to give to young restaurant owners. 

● Focus on creating a unique brand identity and offering a memorable dining experience. ● Prioritize quality over quantity in menu offerings and customer service. ● Stay adaptable and responsive to changing consumer trends and preferences. ● Invest in marketing and branding to build a strong online presence and attract customers. ● Foster a positive work culture and invest in staff training and development.

What’s your expansion plan for both Nukkad Café and other brands? 

Our expansion plan revolves around focused research and strategic decision-making. We aim to identify new market opportunities and leverage our brand strengths to establish a presence in key locations. By prioritizing thorough research and making informed choices, we seek to ensure sustainable growth for both Nukkad Café and our other brands.

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