Pulling in more customers is not as important as building a relationship with them: Kailash Sheth
Pulling in more customers is not as important as building a relationship with them: Kailash Sheth

The legacy of Kobe sizzlers comes a long way from 1970’s when the very first restaurant; the only one of its kind, was inaugurated at Opera House in Mumbai. Kobe has marvelously kept the sizzlers sizzling and tongues craving for more. With its franchise network Kobe Sizzlers has become one of the most desirable food destinations for gourmets in 8 nations, including India, UAE, Oman, UK, Canada and USA. The brand has 21 outlets across the globe and soon will be opening a 2000 sq ft outlet in Houston with 20 more proposed. The brand has divided entire country into 4 zones, and each zone will have 5-6 outlets. Kobe is positive about enthralling the food mavens of America with their sizzlers. We spoke to Kailash Sheth, Managing Partner of Kobe Sizzlers on his plans for Kobe and thoughts on franchise model.

Kobe offers customized marketing support to its franchisees. Can you enlighten us more on the same? what all are you doing specially as franchisee support?
When it comes to marketing, Kobe Sizzlers has always used the traditional methods. In the restaurant industry pulling-in more customers is not as important as building a relationship with them. Hence, our focus lies on the table. As franchisee support, we make sure that our culture, values, and traditions are established in every outlet that opens. Our team is also keen on exploring contemporary methods of marketing and is looking forward to building relationships with new platforms and networks soon. 

Why aren't there many players under sizzlers category and why this sector is still not huge like burger and pizzas?
Kobe Sizzlers is the pioneer in Sizzlers restaurant chain, with a history dated back in the early 1970's. Sizzlers are indigenous to Mumbai and require skilled chefs to prepare them, unlike fast food restaurants that have mushroomed.  

What are your expansion plans for 2018?
We are evolving our brand identity, and we are looking forward to partner with other platforms and networks. We do not target cities instead we serve on the invitation. 

Your thoughts on franchise model and how do you wish to expand using this powerful business expansion model?
Kobe Sizzlers' franchisees have always been passionate people from all walks of life, who along with business and economic goals have the urge to serve our customers with great food. We continuously search for people with passion, who can take our legacy forward. We are also willing to work with other networks and businesses in the near future who share the same passion as of us.


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