Pune opens First High-Energy Cocktail Society, COBBLER & CREW
Pune opens First High-Energy Cocktail Society, COBBLER & CREW

Pune is all set to experience a new high energy cocktail society, Cobbler & Crew at Kalyani Nagar.

The place has a cocktail menu worth savoring every sip of from its list of 12 superhit cocktails.

For pro-society members who want to order their favorite cocktails, watch as bar head Mayur Marne (ex-brand ambassador Diageo) enthralls members with even more special drinks curated especially for them.

“Pune is exploding in terms of the F&B sector yet it was missing a cocktail culture. One would have to travel to indulge in such an experience. The 5 of us came together to give the city something it could call its own, something to be proud of. This cocktail society was created for all enthusiasts who have come to appreciate the finer things in life,” shared

Vijeta Singh, Co-Owner of Cobbler & Crew. Cobbler & Crew


A new generation with a growing appetite for drinks and cocktails needs a space where they can experience, enjoy and entertain themselves with their favorite tipple. They also need a space where bar professionals with experience from across the world can introduce them to the latest concepts in fine drinking. Enter Pune’s first cocktail society – a high-energy space to enjoy and discover drinks at a cocktail-first space with a banging list of specialty cocktails to choose from, a space to vibe with people behind the bar.


Cobbler & Crew has incorporated local ingredients with a focus on natural sugar sources instead of processed sugar. A local favorite dessert called The Shrikhand, it’s a milky delight in the form of a cocktail. Guests can also enjoy an array of cocktails with an added twist: Bhakarwadi, Khakra, and Thecha. The cocktail bar also uses locally grown and sourced fruits such as Strawberries and Guava that has been experimented with in the menu. With a twist of local ingredients and global bar culture, the high-end cocktail bar has something for every guest’s palette. There are many other firsts that Cobbler & Crew is bringing to Pune – right from its ingredient-forward cocktail menu to its Martini in a Trolley experience that seeks to create variations of the classic drink.


Cobbler & Crew has created its inaugural seasonal menu of 8 unique creations influenced by classic cocktails and reimagined for today’s generation of fine drinkers. The beverage program is the result of careful thought and passionate craftsmanship alongside tireless trial and error. It also supports locally sourced ingredients, natural sweeteners used in drinks, and artisanal beverage techniques as a conscious effort to fine tune the drinking experience of our guests. The team’s radical interest in ingredient-first philosophy reflects on its food menu too with co-founders having experience with Michelin star experience. With dishes such as (add top three dishes), the cuisine is curated from across the world offering you something to discover, to rekindle, and to find comfort in. The food menu is curated by multiple consultants from all over the world and headed by ex-Oberoi Rohit More.

Cobbler & Crew

“With Cobbler & Crew, we wanted it to be more than a bar, it was about creating an intimate experience, be it sipping on a cocktail, dinner with friends, or a private affair. A place you could sit back and relax even on a buzzing Saturday night in the city. The space very well reflects a similar thought along with our fanatical admiration for modern colonial aesthetics. Dimly lit interiors with cozy, spaced-out seating make it your go-to bar on any given day of the week,” she added.

Cobbler & Crew plans to work with an array of experts every few weeks, and keep experimenting and altering the menu to introduce them to some world-class food fare whilst keeping up the season and trends – again a first for Pune!

The cocktails and food can also be paired with a line of premium handmade cigars that roll off your fingers as its lip-smacking cuisine does.

Cobbler & Crew

Co-founded by Karan Khilnani who also runs Elephant & Co, Vijeta Singh With eight-plus years of strategy consultation and brands like Accor and Marriott behind her, Mayur Marne Eight years of traveling the world as Diageo’s brand ambassador, Rishi Bhog Cobbler & Crew’s food program is led by Hedonist’s partner that started the concept of fine food experiences in Pune Cobbler & Crew in one word – Innovative Food Prasad Thergaonkar The Hedonist’s former capt who has exposure to global food is all about good food and great vibes.

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