QSR food shouldn't be known to be unhealthy but healthy - Aditya Bagri
QSR food shouldn't be known to be unhealthy but healthy - Aditya Bagri

What made you come up with QSR when you already had a successful FMCG business?

Our business is now stable all around the country and overall we saw that global trends are hitting the market. We felt that we have lots of good products and we wanted people to experience in terms of health brand because these are very versatile health food. The other thing we saw was that there was dearth of healthy food offerings especially when you are in office or on the move. The combination of two thoughts made us think that we should do something in the health food space especially extended forward into a QSR vertical where we could offer healthy, convenient and high quality food which is good for people on the move and which they can have on regular basis. QSR food shouldn’t be something which is only known to be unhealthy but healthy.

What’s driving the healthy food trend in India?

Consumers are becoming more aware of the need to eat healthy also earlier they wanted to it but the challenge was it wasn’t available. But now the products are already in India, the awareness is there, lifestyle is changing, and is more enforced to what is happening in the world. They like food to taste good and if it is made healthier they would have it on everyday basis. India has been a very young population and the global exposure of health and wellness is also very good now. Health as a trend globally is on rise. It is one of few trend which is increasing and India being an emerging economy it is growing even faster and that’s what the sort of pace we want to ride in.

What are the locations you are trying to place your brand?

We are trying to take our QSR in very prominent retail spaces which is well visible to the consumer. We are participating in lots of events including The Grub Fest, Amazon India fashion week and are trying to reach out to the local customers. We are doing lots of sampling to our products to give more experience.

From where did you get your products?

We are sourcing the whole products locally, yet we control the formulation and we have our own chef and quality team. We are working with lots of suppliers depending on the location of outlets.

Who are your target customers?

Our target is the urban consumer who is looking for healthy and convenient food. We have got healthy experience and products which they can have regularly.

What is the expansion plan?

We are planning to open 5-6 outlets in next three months and we have already identified some locations for it. We are looking at Delhi-NCR initially. The plan is to go national over the next few years. But we are looking at prominent locations in offices in malls and hospitals to give them healthy food.

How has been the response so far?

We are getting great response. People are very happy with our product offerings. We have already seen loyalty coming in by seeing same consumer again and again and the brand attachment they have made with Bagrry’s. We are one of the few brands who are very conscious about health and wellness.

What is the price range of your products?

Pricing is equivalent to any QSR in the industry. We use lots of international products and our products are superior in terms of others.  We are at par with the largest QSR brand in the country. 

How is the designing done?

We have designed the outlet in very warm way giving it a very wooden sort of look and feel. It is interactive and has got lots of look and feel factors in it. There is a place for sampling, the customer can see each and product, use it and then purchase it. The size is 100 sqft. So that we can go higher on numbers of outlets.  

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