Recipe for Food Business
Recipe for Food Business

Many people believe that opening a restaurant is as simple as putting on an apron and heading to the kitchen, but every successful restaurant owner knows the ground reality. A concrete business plan, good location, ambience, food served, quality parameter and the service play important role.

A D Singh, Owner, Olive Bar & Kitchen says, “I believe in sticking to the basics. It all comes down to great food, good wine and warm service. Until you have all these ingredients in the right proportions and working the right way, you will not enjoy success. I like to be involved in all the processes of the restaurant, so I do participate in the discussions and tastings.”

He also adds that “I feel people need a place to enjoy the cuisines and food their taste, so the external atmosphere has to be conducive for leisure. Outdoor spaces, with elements of nature, add to the feeling of creative freedom and serenity. If one location of an industry goes bad, it drags down the profits of 4-5 locations. So one has to be very careful while choosing a location.”

Tony Sturniolo, a business instructor at South University, Online Programs, USA says the first step towards opening a restaurant is creating a business plan.

According to Rahul Chowdhary, Director, Helion Ventures Advisors Pvt. Ltd “A food business takes time; you can’t build a large food business in five years. That is why one needs to be more patient since the investors are also not there in the beginning. I don’t think dining out as a habit is going to see any decline. If the economy is not growing, people will shift to more value-based food. So my advice to most of the food businesses is if they want to scale, keep on figuring out a suitable model.”

When one plans to open up a restaurant he needs to have a checklist on certain points, for example: what is the good time to indulge in food business, how to make the food exceptionally good in taste, what is the reason for the current growth rate of the restaurant in the country, localisation of the menu according to the need and demand of the target customers and above all the location which caters the customer.

Talking on the same, Murali Parna, COO, Sagar Ratna, elaborates, “Innovation of menu, good quality food at affordable price, heart warming hospitality to every guest and good location articulate the success of the restaurant in India.”

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