Restaurateurs and Nightclub experts come together to support bartending, hosts 'House of Change'
Restaurateurs and Nightclub experts come together to support bartending, hosts 'House of Change'

Targeted towards helping bartenders with the 360 degree developmentof their personalities and to further build on their confidence, Grey Goose’s House of Change program is aspecially curated multi-faceted series.

It focuses on providing expertise to bartenders that helps them go beyond their bartending skill-set, setting them to discover a journey from a job to a clearly defined purposeful career with a point of view.

"House of Change has been a very thoughtful initiative by Grey Goose India team. A very enriching program where bartenders have been exposed to other skill sets and information which is beyond beverages and as important to make them better bar professionals,” said Vaibhav Singh, Owner of Perch and Co-Founder of Bar Back Collective.

Bacardi India team has brought together more than 200 bartenders from across the country when all of us are in lockdown to help them with their skill-set.

The brand has previously held two successful on-ground editions of the program in India, which involved various professionals from around the world with expertise in their field, conducting training sessions for a selected group of bar talent.

The training sessions were divided into different modules, including sessions on grooming, styling, communication, photography, personality &etiquette and social media.  Last year Grey Goose took the experience one step further by inviting and hosting three of the participating bartenders to Singapore Cocktail week.

" House Of Change provided bar professionals from across the country an amazing opportunity to learn and excel in the field of bartending during these tough times. The complete bar Industry is on a standstill and so are the bartenders with no assurance of their future and at a time like this, a program like Grey Goose House of Change helped boost the morale of these bartenders and also enriched them with knowledge so that the day they go back to their respective bars, they have new tricks to share with the world and are more confident with what they do,” said Nitin Tewari, Co-founder At Together At 12th, Restaurant & Bar.

With the current Covid-19 situation forcing thousands of bartenders out of work, the importance of a program like House of Change is even more pronounced. The format aims at engaging with bartenders, helping them learn new skills and polish their own talent further so that the community comes back even stronger than before.

"It was refreshing to be part of the holistic approach that the Grey Goose HOC has taken towards the development of bartenders going beyond just making drinks but also opening possibilities towards developing other skills needed to succeed in this industr,” added Arijit Bose, Partner at Barbackcollective, Co-founder: lovers rum

Grey Goose has brought on board a number of new international personalities and modules to this year’s edition. The different modules at House Of Change this year will be hosted by fitness expert Mandira Bedi, Andrew Louden from Tippling Club Singapore and Joe McCanta, the Global Brand ambassador for Grey Goose, Arijit Bose,Co Founder Bar Back Collective, Vaibhav Singh, Owner of Perch and Co-Founder of Bar Back Collective, Emmanuel Suraj – A3D Capital, Official Etiquette Trainer Vibhinta Verma, Anant Kumar and Abhishek Vohra from Frozen Pixel Studios. With a valuable experience that provides a different perspective to the bartenders, this program is an effort by Grey Goose to support and give back to the community that has been supporting the brand for so long.

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