Mumbai’s Favourite Pan Asian Restaurant Nom Nom Enters Bangalore
The atmosphere at Nom Nom is tranquil and serene, complemented by modern decor that embraces guests in the warm nostalgia of Asian streets, making it…
  • By - Nusra
  • / 3 MIN READ
Why Emerging Restaurateurs Should Consider Asian Cuisine
Indian customers have fully developed palates and can very well identify the difference between locally infused flavors and authentic cuisines.
Pa Pa Ya: The Pan-Asian Bistro Restaurant
pa pa ya restaurant -The design also extensively uses the contemporary technique of 3D spatial mapping to create a live, dynamic restaurant ambiance…
Our approach to food is to make it accessible to everyone: Chef Mitesh
Lemon leaf is the erstwhile lemongrass, which is fairly an old restaurant.
  • By - Nusra
  • / 3 MIN READ
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