How are brands innovating with their products during Covid
The DIY kit concept has emerged strongly and a space within which several brands have innovated.
Transforming Indian Food Retailing With Innovation
The food retail industry in India has today, evolved into a mature and organised conglomerate, that has permeated into various other sectors of the…
Digital Innovation is the Reason Behind Success of This Brand
Akshay Jatia of McDonalds India says the food brand has been seeing growth in double digits.
Innovation: The Driving Force of Food Retail in India
In fact, India has even overtaken China to become the most favourable market for retail expansion.
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Modern Learning is the Key to Drive Innovation
Whether in the front of the house or the back, inconsistency is a recipe for disaster.
Why Innovation is the game changer in Restaurant Biz
Earlier, the hotels used to serve 7-8 portions into their a-la-carte menu but today the portion size has reduced.
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Planning to start more food trucks across Delhi-NCR: Pallavi Kuchroo
Pallavi Kuchroo has always been passionate about food. The search for something magical led her to partner with Sudheer Grover to start Frugurpop.…
  • By - Nusra
  • / 4 MIN READ