Modern Learning is the Key to Drive Innovation
Modern Learning is the Key to Drive Innovation

Restaurants across the country are fighting to stay relevant and profitable by any means necessary. Where the market is getting flooded with new inventories every now and then, modern learning and innovation thus play a very important role in the success of a business. Increased employee engagement, improved continuity, and accelerated learning are just a few of the advantages of this learning. But these aren't the only reasons the restaurant industry is abandoning traditional training for tech-forward e-learning. Customer service best practices and food safety regulations are always changing. This mean that training is an ongoing process, affecting every member of the restaurant’s team.

“Today, consumers expect to be offered a wide range quality products which induce higher costs. To source qualified personnel, you need to be a financially attractive employer as well. Furthermore, hotels and restaurants must invest heavily in modernizing their operations, Digitalization creates great opportunities and can offer cost-effective, innovative solutions in back and front office operations, but it requires a considerable investment. Doing all this while turning a profit requires foresight, strategic thinking and solid business management skills.” shared Sherif Mamdouh, External Communications Manager, EHL (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne).

A company with a healthy culture understands that by showing their employees how much they're valued, they'll in turn influence how employees value one another. “To make sure that our staff is efficient, we conduct internal training every day at a given time for them to be well versed with the process,” said Dishant Pritamani, Founder, The Daily Bar and Kitchen, Mumbai and The Daily All Day, Pune.

Earlier, eating out was a choice between Indian, Chinese and Continental. Today, it is all about modernity and innovation that one brings in the food and ambiance. “Chefs are focusing on mixing science with food and topping it with theatrical presentations in order to create a dramatic new experience. Considering our restaurant Raasta, our constant focus has been on its design aesthetics and the material innovation,” elaborated Joy Singh, Co-Partner- Raasta, Yeti, and Back2Basics.

Rohit Malhotra, Business Head of Barcelos Indian Operations, keeping a very strong point stated that innovation is not just restricted to food presentation or cooking methods. For instance, Barcelos has launched their new loyalty programme which is linked to the customer’s mobile phone. “Customer will get cash back on each transaction and update on new offers etc,” he added.

Whether in the front of the house or the back, inconsistency is a recipe for disaster. Restaurants become community favourites when they offer a reliable and quality experience. When the food, service, or even the atmosphere varies, one can assure that there is a lack of continuity in training. Modern learning offers the ability to train each team member according to the same goals, policies, procedures, and performance expectations which are needed to ensure consistent quality. By incorporating accelerated learning techniques, the owners can make it easier for their employees to learn what they need to know in the least amount of time.

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