This Ghaziabad Restaurant Is Also Known As The Beer Paradise
In an interview with Restaurant India, Yudhveer Singh, Founder and Owner of The Beer House Cafe speaks on how he came up with the concept.
Here is What F&B Industry Expects From The New Government
Post-election results, the food and beverage (F&B) industry, especially the restaurant segment, is hopeful of the changes the newly-formed…
Restaurants in fast food industry are required to upgrade with time: Narayan T.Poojari
In conversation with Narayan T.Poojari, MD, Shiv Sagar Restaurants, who talks about the importance of upgrading a restaurant according to changing…
New-Age Design in Restaurants
The Food and Beverage industry is one such space which is exploding, not only to explore new culinary experiments but also ambience and experience.
Explore Upcoming Events And New Age Agendas
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Indian Restaurant Congress 2019 Mumbai - Creating A Cross Lineage Between the Industry Players and Emerging Brands
The West Edition of Indian Restaurant Congress 2019 was held at Hotel Sahara Star in Mumbai.