These Brands are Eggsploring New Twist & Turns in their Business
These Brands are Eggsploring New Twist & Turns in their Business

Eggs are a quintessential part of not only our daily breakfast but is often referred to as, "We all have our preferences, some like it sunny side up, others prefer a stuffed omelette." In recent years, the good old egg has also found its place in restaurant menus. No more is it relegated to a corner of the breakfast menu, it has its moment of glory and is now the star attraction of many delicious dishes.

Indian foodservice industry is already filled with a large number of options. At present egg restaurant, food truck and kiosk model is offering to investors, moreover, it is planning to develop QSRs in order to serve quickly to customers. In this global business environment, to remain competitive, companies are focusing mainly on latest trends and opportunities, effective marketing strategies to create awareness among customers. That is when new business concepts are hitting the ground with low costs & huge profits.

The Birth of a Unique Concept

Scrambled, fried, poached, boiled – everybody loves to eat eggs in some way or the other. Talking about EggFactory, Yogesh Mokashi said,” We saw that eggs were mostly on breakfast menus of star hotels and not other places. Whereas in University towns eggs were available for all meal occasions and that really signaled the versatility of eggs as an ingredient. Eggs are also the best protein source. Finally, most restaurants specialize in cuisine or menu item e.g. Italian or Burger etc…not too many specialize by ingredient and this provided us huge differentiation.”

We all have memories of eating anda bhurji off a street-side cart or a quick fix of anda curry for dinner. But how can we do this in a sophisticated manner within the comforts of a restaurant?”, asks Saili Miirikar, Pune based Entrepreneur & Owner, Yolkshiire, Aundh. Stressing on how this concept evolved, she said,” The concept evolved within the industry as a  few brands were experimenting on this, and their flourishing response made other brands jump in it too.”

Shared their unique concept of taking this egg business to another level, she further added, “While the original concept was that of an eggitarian joint, since many don’t prefer eating at the road-side unhygienic stalls, the concept morphed into an egg-specialty restaurant when our market study showed that many people like having their eggs with sausages and salami and that eggitarians may not mind cold cuts like salami and sausages being served from the same kitchen.”

With the ideology of Amazing choice, Great taste, Super service EggXactly, an innovation in the egg food business for entrepreneurs looking at setting up a business at low cost, intends to tickle the taste buds from cuisines around the world for egg lovers across the city. “The vision of EggXactly was to develop a team of successful entrepreneurs who are passionate about the food industry and want to make a mark for the future”, said Mr. Vijay Dalwani, Chairman of DNY Hospitality.

Scaling it Up

In the past few years, a wave of restaurant owners in metropolitan areas across the country is coming up with unique business ideas, preferably low cost but definitely achieving high-end profits.

“It’s is as scalable as any other restaurant business. If you have the processes in place at core scalability is no different than other businesses”, said Yogesh Mokashi, Owner, The EggFactory.

On similar grounds, Vijay Dalwani, Chairman of DNY Hospitality said,” Our business provides unmatched training and mentoring to entrepreneurs, effective systems and procedures, profitability and consumer centric attitude to its partners.”

Are they innovating?

Unfortunately as Indians, we haven't eggs-plored the humble egg in many ways. Apart from routine anda bhurji, anda fried rice or anda masala and egg curry or an omelette, we haven't explored further. However, Saili Mirikar, Owner, Yolkshire Aundh said,” There is so much more to eggs that it can be consumed for any meal of the day, or even a between-the-meals snack.” Brands like Yolkshire have brought innovation in eggs on the plate after years of experimentation and trials, right from Spanish Omelette to Mexican egg preps, to the British Eggs Benedict to the English breakfast; or a French scramble. “We have tried to put global egg dishes in one menu with their own twist”, said the Pune based Entrepreneur, Saili.

Heading Towards A Bright Future

Yogesh Mokashi said,” Given a huge populace that is experimenting with eggs that would not have traditionally eaten it the numbers are there along with cultural restrictions on cooking eggs at home, protein becoming important in diets and the general trend of increasing incidence of eating out the future is only bright.”

Commenting on the same, Saili Mirikar, Entrepreneur & Owner, Yolkshire, Aundh said,” Future of egg-based business is bright if paired with innovation and variety Dark, if it's the regular streetside fare.”

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