This home-grown start-up has given new twist to traditional recipes
This home-grown start-up has given new twist to traditional recipes

“Food has always been my fashion to eat and cook,” shared Bharti Sanghai who always loved the age-old recipes and thought of bringing down the traditional food into the new twist with a little bit of a blend as these recipes are passed on through generations. The name ‘HOME ALONE FOOD’ was given by her husband. She started with a little bit of home cooking and people started appreciating them. “Slowly I started by styling pickles and mathri and different kinds of namkeens at home. Some people suggested me to take my indoor cooking into the market as people love traditional food that tasted like home and that’s how the brand was born,” she added. Excerpts from the interview:  

With time we have seen that people are going back to their roots. Why has a sudden change as in the last few decades we have talked about being global a lot?

Many potential restaurants were earlier serving traditional food to customers, but after the pandemic, many people have shifted into homely food items with Indian spices and herbs. Traditional herbs and spices which were considered an age-old style of cooking are now adapted by the northern as well as the western part of India. Many parts of India are using fancy names for traditional items like ‘ turmeric latte’ but the market has changed now people are preferring more home-based products with their original name.

What kind of product do you manufacture at your brand?

We do Rajasthani, Gujarati, Maharashtra namkeen with some western twist but mainly most of our product is based on the traditional recipes which were passed to me by my mother's parents, as they belong to typical Marathi family. We also make ready-to-eat Thepla and Soya Katori for the fast generation keeping their fast schedule in mind that one can carry anywhere.

Who do you see as target customers?

My target consumers are 40 plus people and people who are concerned about their children's diet, while they are traveling or living outside the home. Our focus is also on weddings and any get-together where you can order more variety of foods and send a little box of happiness.

Who are some of your regular customers?

My regular customers are houses planning their son/ daughter marriage and people who want to give gift hampers to their family members or loved ones. Sometimes people bring their boxes in which I put sweets and pack them well with floral decoration and I also pack different boxes for different distributions.

What’s your expansion plan?

We are planning to expand packaged sweets with longer shelf life.


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