Vegetarian restaurant Panchavati Gaurav to open 20 outlets in 2017
Vegetarian restaurant Panchavati Gaurav to open 20 outlets in 2017

Tell us about the journey of Panchavati Gaurav.

Panchavati Gaurav was started in 1982 by setting up the first restaurant in Nasik. We opened the second outlet in 1987 in Nasik itself and then expanded to Mumbai by setting up the third in the city in 1995 and expanding to Pune with the fourth outlet in 2000.

How many restaurants are there within your brand today and what is the expansion plan?

We are operating around 30 restaurants in India and are planning to add another four this quarter. We have around 16 company owned stores and 14 franchised stores. We are now expanding via franchisees only.

What is the franchisee fee you charge from your franchise partners and what is the support you provide them?

We charge Rs 15 lakh from our franchise partner as a fee which is non-refundable. We provide complete support to the franchisee- staff, brand name, marketing, setup details, store location and also help in designing as we have architects and designer in-house.

What is the selection criterion for the right partner?

We are looking for partners who dedicate their time to the business and are passionate about it. Most of the franchisees today don’t work for their outlet. I always suggest one should not take a franchisee by loan. You need to give some time to get your restaurants hit the space and hence put in your own menu into taking a franchisee.

Tell us something about your food.

We are pure vegetarian quick service restaurant. We have 32 dishes in our menu and you can have as much as you can eat. It’s a QSR concept.

How is the pricing done?

The totally depend on city- in smaller city we charge Rs 260 for a thali and bigger city it is priced at Rs 400. Gurgaon is costliest and is priced Rs 500 for complete meal. We have a parcel box also for corporate which we deliver at 180 rupees in Gurgaon and in smaller cities we are delivering the same box at 150 rupees.

What is your plan opening an outlet in Delhi?

We are looking for locations in CP though the rentals are too high as soon as we get one we will open the same. We are looking at Noida as well.

What is your USP?

Our food is our USP. And, we believe in word of mouth marketing. Also, right locations are very important because it brings you the clientele.

What is your plan for 2017?

We are in about 14 cities. I am planning to open around 20 in 2017 and are focusing on cities like Aurangabad, Lonavala including others.  

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