We are looking for investors to broaden our concept- Smoky Chettinad
We are looking for investors to broaden our concept- Smoky Chettinad

How was the idea of starting a restaurant serving Chettinad food in Delhi born?

Smokey Chettinad is the brainchild of my husband, Gauthaman and I who have been residing in Delhi for the last 12 years. Every year during our annual trip to Chennai we were pampered with only biryani among relatives and friends and would often wish for a Chettinad joint here in Delhi. And it was then; we planned to open a small takeaway/home delivery kitchen at Mayur Vihar after intensive research about the cuisine in the area.

How is the menu designed?

The concept and design of Smoky Chettinad is done by both of us. Initially we had only few items on the menu, but with the acceptance of the Chettinad flavours, we added more dishes. We cook every food by ourselves, so each dish has its own uniqueness.

Which is the most revenue generating product?

As party orders the hot sellers are different briyani, pepper chicken or chicken 65. Whereas, retail selling are the chettinad chicken, curry, chettinad cutton varuvel.

What are the varieties of spices or flavours you use in your recipes?

Chettinad cuisine is very aromatic and zesty cuisine as it has variety of spices for each item it offers.

What is your view regarding change in the taste of customers in India?

Customer has varied taste and very few prefer to taste the same food every day. Today most customers are health conscious and love value for money options. Food ingredients have become a curious factor to them.

Do you see any threat from the local stores?

There is never any threat from anyone. The more, the merrier as it spices up the competition and also gives the customer a reason to figure out the authenticity.

How do you decide on pricing keeping your target customers in the mind?

The pricing is based on many factors; the location, the supply cost, the tax aspect and the competition.

What is your expansion plan in terms of numbers of outlet and cities?

Delhi itself is huge, adding the NCR to it. We want the Chettinad flavour to be tasted across it. So as of now the focus is Delhi market where we are making a dent from our current location.

Are you also planning to take franchisee route?

We may at a later stage but right now we are looking for investors to broaden our concept and make it easier for customers to enjoy our company.

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