We are planning to open 10-15 stores globally in next 5 years- Tea Box
We are planning to open 10-15 stores globally in next 5 years- Tea Box

What is there in store with Tea Box for Indian customers?

India produces about 1billion kg of teas out of that 80 percent of CTC is consumed in India. The lowest quality of the tea is consumed in India and highest quality is exported. So our conscious effort is to change the culture from lowest quality of tea to better quality of tea over a period of time.

How Tea Box is fulfilling the consumer’s aspiration of having organic tea?

There is growing movement worldwide and consciousness among the people about what they consume. And hence we are making sure that consumer has access to all the information so that an individual consumer can make a conscious decision whether he want a tea free of all chemicals or he want a flavoured jasmine tea which is full of chemicals.

The second thing we are doing is bringing best tea from the world art ovens which are free from any preservatives and artificial chemicals. At Teabox.com we provide all the best single state teas from India and Nepal which otherwise consumer would never have access to.

How many countries you are shipping to?

We are shipping to around 91 countries in the world with the focus to make tea accessible around the world. We are venturing very deep into certain countries like Russia while eyeing China, Japan and Korea.

What will be the next addition in your offering of teas?

We have a state of the art R&D lab in-house which will be creating innovative products and blends. Presently we are experimenting with wine tea and whisky tea which will be available soon. Further we are planning to create our own herbal Ayurvedic tea in blends but for that we want to make sure we buy directly the ape ingredients from the farmers because we want to know how he or she is growing ingredients.

What are your retail plans ahead?

We aim to create 3 to 4 experiential stores in Mumbai, Bengaluru Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai in India and in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Tokio, Kuala Lampur and Singapore in overseas market. We will be opening our first retail store in the six to nine months in Bengaluru or Mumbai which will give us room to experiment in India.

Over a period of next two to three years we intend to open 10 to 15 stores. Thus we are doing focused marketing efforts in India for the next few months to make sure Indians have better access to best teas and probably India will become one of our major contribution market.

Tell us about your recent development of revamping the website to make it more competitive globally?

We have revamped the website with the launching of new brand identity. With this new identity the brand name remains the same. The identity and the way we communicate was probably one of the best as per the Indian standardbut when we are aspiring to be a global brand you cannot be sufficient with the what the level out there in India you have to look at a global level. We have hired one the best design agencies in US which has been working closely with us over a period of three to six months to create new revamp identity, a logo, new images and a renewed communication which can put us at a higher league. It aligns with a vision to build a premium brand which not only means offering premium tea it’s about the experience and look and feel as well.

What is a price range of you tea?

The price range starts from Rs 5000 per kg to Rs 1.5 lakhs per kg.

What is your growth percentage MOM?

We are growing by 25 to 30 percentage MOM.

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