We are planning to open 4-5 restaurants by 2016- Bhanu Nehra
We are planning to open 4-5 restaurants by 2016- Bhanu Nehra

When and how did you planned to start a restaurant?

I started my first restaurant during my college days with the name Arab Street. Then I opened a sheesha lounge, and a Lebanese corner. And it was two and half yeras back that I started Mia Bella at Hauz Khas Village, expanding to Malcha Marg. And now, I want to make it a brand with good concept, interior with pan India expansion. 

Tell us about your new restaurant Schengen and its expansion plan?

Schengen is one and half year old restaurant with European Cuisine on the menu which is operational at Malcha Marg. But we are also planning to relocate the restaurant in some other parts of Delhi due to some issues that we are facing at the current location.

What is the main reason for relocating the outlet?

We were facing issues from NDMC and licensing authority. But now the problem is resolved and we want to work in a very calm atmosphere. We want to focus on the restaurants rather than going to NDMC offices. There are big hassles here in terms of licensing. We are looking at a 45 seater restaurants at some happening locations like Lodi Garden, Mool Chand market amongst others. 

How will single window help restaurant business grow?

There are 8-9 licenses and you have to run here and there for licensing. And if it would be single window it would be very helpful for everyone. We will be more focused on our restaurants rather than on licensing. We can grab more concepts, opportunities.

I think in 6-8 moths everything will be sorted. Both state and central govt have to work together for this.

What was the design inspiration for your restaurant?

I travel so much and love to explore the world, walk inside a new restaurant and see what kind of interiors they are doing. I get pictures from the restaurants and even try to bring that feel into my restaurant. Most of my interior is inspired from Europe.

What is your expansion plan?

We are planning to open 4-5 restaurants by 2016 in cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru. I am also planning to launch a Sports bar which is not here in Delhi. We will also tie up with Delhi Daredevils in the future. And we are also in the way to launch a Mughlai restaurant by next year.

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